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Assessment Task 3

Assessment Task 3: WebQuest - Group Presentation (pairs)

Weighting: 30%

Length: 30 minutes

Due Date: To be negotiated.


The purpose of this task is to design a WebQuest that provides a comprehensive overview of an Early Childhood Theorist and present it to you peers. You will choose from; Comenius; Locke; Rousseau; Pestalozzi; Froebel; Montessori; Steiner; Isaacs; Dewey; High Scope or Reggio Emilia.


There are 3 aspects to this assignment.

1) Design and creation of a WebQuest about one theorist.

2) Present this in a 30 minute presentation to your peers.

3) Provision of a comprehensive handout to other students and lecturer.


What is a WebQuest?

A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented lesion format in which most or all the information that learners work with comes from the Web.

A real WebQuest…

Make sure you consider how you will present the WebQuest to the rest of the group. You may like to use the computer lab (speak to lecturer about a making a booking) and provide time for pre-service teachers to work through the WebQuest and include discussion time for key issues and learning. You may like to present your WebQuest using the interactive whiteboard and guide fellow pre-service teachers through the WebQuest. For this presentation you are encouraged to be creative and stimulating and actively engage your peers in learning.

You should proved a handout for distribution. The handout should summarize key aspects of the presentation and include any references (APA style referencing) used in the presentation. These references should also be listed in the WebQuest.

Student Contribution:

You will be expected to work in pairs to provide a 30 minute presentation of a WebQuest and A4 handout to all students and lecturer.

As this is a paired presentation you will be expected to complete a Declaration of Participation available on Blackboard and submit with a copy of a handout and WebQuest on CD/DVD or in digital format negotiated with the lecturer.


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