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WebQuest Tutorial August 1, 2008

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Lesson Plan

Assessment task 3:

Assessment task 3: - Rubric


How to download a copy of Nvu (new link created after tutorial)

Podcast of Tutorial Part 1 (new link created after tutorial)

Podcast of Tutorial Part 2 (new link created after tutorial)

EDFD136 Early Childhood Education 2 – The Ecology of Childhood

10 cp
Prerequisites This unit builds on the students’ knowledge about learning, development and understanding children in context (Year 1 Education Studies Strand)
Early childhood is a period of rapid development and learning. Diverse social and cultural experiences and relationships shape the young child’s identity and learning. Early childhood education has a crucial role in nurturing children and establishing strong foundations for their continuing success as lifelong learners. This unit introduces the student to the field of early childhood education from a holistic perspective that includes spiritual development. Socio-cultural themes and interdisciplinary influences on early childhood education, past and present are examined from Christian, ethical and professional perspectives.


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