The muddiest point of the interactive whiteboard would be just remembering to change the features from etc. arrow to highlighter. This may potentially take the user somewhere he/she doesn't wish to go.


Hey Rupert
im kinda finding it a little difficult to find a 'muddy point' at the moment because i really havent used it much. Probably the most obvious point wich would need clarifying would be understanding how it works and many of its features.
Anyway sorry that probably wasnt much help but if i think of something else or something comes up il get back to you!


Hi Rupert,
I think that the interactive white board is a great tool for education,
it seems easy to use and I haven't found anything particularly "muddy" about
it yet. I'm sure there are alot of features that might get confusing that I
haven't encountered yet, but so far it seems relatively easy.


hi Rupert,
I haven't come accross anything that seems difficult with the smartboard yet. It seems reasonably easy to use, although i haven't used it a great deal.

Hi Rupert

For myself I have not yet decided what the muddiest point is, however, the only thing that I can comment on is how it all works.. We observe you and can see how it works from someone who has a lot more experience and hands on than what we have as students.... So overall, I guess we all need to have more hands on experience with the SMARTboard and as time progresses in our course than this will be evident.

I think it will be a very usefull tool in a classroom, once people see the positives of it, and becomes well known.


Hi Rupert,

Just a quick thought about the Smartboard...
I think that one of the main areas of confusion for myself is basically that we haven't really used it all that much so it is a little intimidating I feel, though I think it is a great tool that would keep students interested in many topics that might normally be a little boring. The Smartboard is a powerful learning tool and I for one have enjoyed learning about it.

Hi Rupert,
Well I agree with most that the smart board is a great tool for
interactive learning in classrooms, especially computer tasks. But I wonder
about how it actually works with the sensors and such.


Hey Rupert,

confusing aspects of the smart board..

The find that there is not just on confusing aspect to the smart board, because there is so much you can do on it, i find the it is confusing to me that i dont know how to work it all.. even the basics i dont know..

The muddiest point about the smartboard for me would be not fully understanding how to use the board and all the features that it offers but over time i fell that it will be a great resource for everyone to use.


The smartboard is good. I don't have any problems with it. I have used touch screen computers many times before, and the smartboard uses a similar application. I don't think it would be too hard to pick up all the little extras that the smartboard has available.