Web Addresses for Consideration/Activities
(Compiled by Rupert Russell)

It is suggested that you look at each site and compare the results you receive from different tests.
Please Note: The 80 questions Multiple Intelligence Inventory is limited to only 10 users at a time. Don't be discouraged if you can't get in immediately.

Use the tests to help you to identify your preferred ways of learning and report this/these as a Bulletin Board message (where you have posted your Scholarly Journal recommendations).

Please do not considered yourself confined to these tests only. You are quite free to explore as many such sites as you please, so long as your results are reported on the Bulletin Board.

1. Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire

2. Learning Styles & Multiple Intelligence

3. Multiple Intelligence Inventory
80 questions

4. What's your learning style?
30 questions

5. A Learning Style Survey for College
32 questions

6. Learning from Your Mistakes: Understanding Metacognition
This is an interesting test. It is not so much related to Multiple Intelligences or Learning Styles as to Metacognition. It is probably best used as an extension activity for students who have completed the learning styles tests.

Last modified: January 9, 2003

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