"All My Neighbors Who"

In this activity, a circle of chairs is used. One person, however does not have a seat, and he or she is instructed to stand in the middle of the group. This person makes a statement beginning with the words "All my neighbors who..." and completes it with anything such as "...are wearing tennis shoes" or"...have something blue on" or "...ate breakfast this morning." Those people who fit the stated category must leave their chair and find a new place to sit. At the same time, the person in the middle finds a seat, meaning that someone new will not have a chair. That person now comes to the center of the group and makes a new statement beginning with those same first four words. The three layers commonly used in this activity are: (1) exactly as described here, (2) adding the words "...have ever..." and (3) stealing, which occurs if two students can "steal" places, meaning they can exchange seats with another seated individual while the person in the middle is thinking of the next idea. (Allen, p81)

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