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Software available for short term student loan within the School of Education

Please note these CD-ROM's are held in the Shop Front Office speak to
Rebecca Mathieson ext 9729 to arrange a lone.

Available titles sorted by LIBRARY Reference Number

SELCD001 Adam Software Inc.,
         A.D.A.M. The Inside Story, User’s Guide.

SELCD002 American Laser Games,
         Who Shot Johnny Rock?

SELCD003 Webster Publishing Pty Ltd, 2 COPIES
         Whales and Dolphins of the World.

SELCD004 Department of Eduction.
         Schools of the Future - Switched on Curriculum.

SELCD005 Department of Education.
         Schools of the Future - Switched on Curriculum.

SELCD006 Digital systems Research,
         Garden Wildlife Encyclopedia

SELCD007 Dorling Kindersley,
         Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Science.

SELCD008 Fantasia Concepts Inc.,
         Two Thousand Fonts.

         Crayola Magic Wardrobe Paper Dolls.

SELCD010 McGaw, B.
         Their Future: Options for reform of the Higher School

SELCD011 Museum of Victoria,
         Way 1, Navigate Quick Times, VR & Realistic 3D Works.

SELCD012 Sound Source Interactive,
         Activity Centre, The Land before Time Collection.

SELCD013 Sound Source Interactive,
         Babe, A little pig goes a long way.

SELCD014 Sound Source Interactive,
         Exo Squad.

SELCD015 Sound Source Interactive,
         The Little Rascals.

SELCD016 Universal City Studios,
         Dragon Heart, Medieval Creativity Centre.

SELCD017 University of Ballarat,
         Faces of War, The Global Classroom Project.

SELCD018 Webster Publishing Pty Ltd.,
         History of Australia, Second Edition.

SELCD019 Wiz Technology Inc.,
         The World’s Weather Encyclopedia.

SELCD020 Melbourne Water,
         The Bay, An Ecological Management Game.

SELCD021 Dataworks,
         Dinosaurs in the Kangaroo Crypt.

SELCD022 Digital Systems Research,
         Multimedia Science Adventure, The Virtual Science Lab

SELCD023 CMPACT Publishing Inc.
         Time Man of the Year

SELCD024 Hasbro Interactive Inc.,
         Tonka Construction

SELCD025 Microsoft Corporation,
         Microsoft Creative Writer 2

SELCD026 Microsoft Corporation,
         3D Moviemaker

SELCD027 Personal Tutor by Memory Bank
         Aussie Maths

SELCD028 Segasoft

SELCD029 Learning Company Inc.
         Super Solvers Outnumbered

SELCD030 DNA Multimedia Corporation
         The Silk Road

SELCD031 Kodak Digital Science
         Animals, Volume 4

SELCD032 Warren, S.
         Plants, Garden and Me.

SELCD033 Warren, S.
         Plants, Garden and Me.

SELCD034 Microsoft Corporation,
         Nickelodeon 3D Movie Maker

SELCD035 Shopware, VEA Multimedia,
         Multimedia Robotics Fundamentals VER. 1.0A and
         View Scores and File Creator Ver 2.0

SELCD036 Discovery Channel Multimedia,
         Invention Studio

SELCD037 Softkey,
         Leonardo, The Inventor

SELCD038 Macaulay, David
         The Way Things Work

SELCD039 Learning Company Inc.
         Gizmos & Gadgets Super Solvers.

SELCD040 Europress
         Civilization II, Sid Meier’s

SELCD041 Edmark Corporation
         Thinkin’ Things Collection

SELCD042 Dowsing, K & McGeary, L.
         How to insert Video into a Powerpoint Presentation.
         TB802 Presentation.

SELCD043 Webster Publishing Pty Ltd,
         Encyclopedia of Australian Birds

SELCD044 Webster Publishing Pty Ltd,
         Exploring Nature

SELCD045 Multimedia Learning Systems Pty Ltd with ACHPER and AAMT
         Live Life, Build a Healthy Lifestyle.
         Your essential guide to Nutrition, Exercise, Drug Issues & Health

SELCD046 Broderbund
         Carmen Sandiego Word Detective
         ACME Agent Handbook

SELCD047 TAFE NSW, Sydney Institute of Technology
         Indigenous Australians: An Aboriginal Community Focus

SELCD048 2N Education Pty. Ltd.,
         Maths Made Easy.

SELCD049 Moreland City College, Sound House Online,
         Vince’s Holiday Adventure
         Sampler Disc

SELCD050 Department of Education
         Learning with Technology, Learning with the Internet
         Support materials for Learning with the Internet and a CD
         Version of SOFWeb.
         Sampler Disc

SELCD051 Sunrise Professional Development
         Oz’E’ Kids
         Including Department of Education SOFWeb and Learning with
         The Internet Materials.
         Sampler Disc

SELCD052 Monash University, Faculty of Education,
         Learning Technologies in the Classroom,
         Graduate Diploma in Education Students’ 1997
         A research project funded by the Standards Council of the
         Teaching Profession.
         Sampler Disc

SELCD053 VEA Management Solutions, VEA Multimedia
         Education Resources, Video, CD-Rom & Software Catalogue 1999
         Sampler Disc

SELCD054 Connectix Corporation,
         Quickcards Limited Volume 1.
         Sampler Disc

         Indigenous Australians: An Aboriginal Community Focus
         Sampler Disc.

SELCD056 Interactive, Allyn and Bacon, 1998, Peter Desberg and Farah          Fisher
         Teaching with Technology, Second Edition
         Sampler Disc.

SELCD057 Cyber Tree, 1999
         Step One: A First Look at the Internet

SELCD058 Hyperstudio, Australian Multimedia Enterprise,
         Cartooning & Creative Thinking,
         Recommended for use in the National Cartooning Competition

SELCD059 Knowledge Books & Software and Launchpad Multimedia
         Cyber Rat’s Maths Builder

SELCD060 Australian Broadcasting Corporation & Dataworks
         Frontier: Stories from White Australia’s Forgotten War

SELCD061 Dataworks
         Crossword Express

SELCD062 Dataworks,

SELCD063 2N Education Pty Ltd. and Flux Systems,
         The Computer Classroom 4

SELCD064 DK Multimedia
         Castle Explorer,
         Join Stephen Biesty on the ultimate medieval learning adventure!

SELCD065 DK Multimedia
         Pinball Science.
         Build your own pinball games and have fun learning all about          science.

SELCD066 Softkey,
         My House, Design Ware Classic Edition.
         Create and explore home designs in full 3-D.

SELCD067 Education Victoria
         Switched on Curriculum 2

SELCD068 Education Victoria
         Switched on Curriculum 2

SELCD069 Education Victoria
         Switched on Assessment

SELCD070 Education Victoria
         Switched on Assessment

SELCD071 Same as Above SELCD072 DK Multimedia
         The Way Things Work 2.0, by David Macaulay.

SELCD073 University of Ballarat,
         Faces of War, The Global Classroom Project.

SELCD074 Smart Works
         English Master

SELCD075 Smart Works
         Science Master: Physics 1

SELCD076 Smart Works
         Science Master: Chemistry

SELCD077 Smart Works
         Science Master: Physics 2

SELCD078 Smart Works
         Science Master: Biology

SELCD079 Theatrix
         Strategy Heads: Turns critical thinking into a real mind game

SELCD080 Theatrix
         Julliard Music Adventure

SELCD081 Broderbund
         James Discovers Maths
         Introduces Basic Maths, Ages 3-6

SELCD082 Davidson
         Spell It Deluxe,
         Ages 6 to Adult

SELCD083 Davidson
         Ultimate Speed Reader

SELCD084 Knowledge Adventure
         French for the Read World

SELCD085 What is Multimedia?
         Lynne Koene (962558) October 1999

SELCD086 University of Ballarat 1999
         Blue in the Nineties

SECD087 Lego,

SELCD088 Webster Publishing Pty Ltd.,
         Whales and Dolphins of the World.

SELCD089 Imagination Express,
         Destination: The Ocean.

SELCD090 Lego,

SELCD091 Europress.
         Total Heaven: The Settlers 2.

SELCD092 Kowledge Adventure,
         Reading Blaster Vocabulary.

SELCD093 The Incredible Machine 2.

SELCD094 Super Solvers Outnumbered,

SELCD095 CSF II Curriculum and Standards Framework.

         Visit to an Ocean Planet.

SELCD097 Education Victoria,
         Switched on Curriculum.

SELCD098 Education Victoria,
         Switched on Assessment.

SELCD099 Journey into History,
         Time, Continuity and Change in Society.

SELCD0100 Deluxe Math Rabbit,
         Users Guide.

SELCD0101 Theatrix,

SELCD0102 Active Mind Series,
         Logical Journey of the Zoombinis.

SELCD0103 A History of Australian Art,
         Part 1.

SELCD0104 Sherston Software,
         Matti Mole’s Summer Holiday.

SELCD0105 Australian History,
         The First Fleet.

SELCD0106 Magix,
         Music Studio: Ver. 3.0.

SELCD0107 Fitzroy Readers,


SELCD0108 New Horizons,
         Aussie School Fonts.

SELCD0109 Expert Maps for Windows.

SELCD0110 The Incredible Machine 2.
         User-Created Boot Disk.

SELCD0111 Lore of the Land
         Reconciling Spirit and Place in Australia’s Story

SELCD0112 Lore of the Land
         Reconciling Spirit and Place in Australia’s Story

SELCD0113 Lore of the Land
         Reconciling Spirit and Place in Australia’s Story

SELCD0114 Heinemann Technology Links
         Page Proofs

SELCD0115 International Conference Perth, WA. 23-25 January 2001-05-28
         Excellence in Teaching & Learning 2000

SELCD0116 Department of Education, Employment & Training, Victoria
         Curriculum at Work

SELCD0117 Department of Education, Employment & Training, Victoria
         Curriculum at Work

SELCD0118 Filemaker Pro 5
         Filemaker Pro 5 & Filemaker Server 5 - Trial Versions

SELCD0119 Adobe
         Seminar on a CD

SELCD0120 International Force East Timor - PEACE
         Images of INTERFET

SELCD0121 Learning Technologies Teaching & the Future of Schools
         16th Australasian Computers in Education Conference July 6-9 2000

SELCD0122 Adobe
         Get to Know Adobe Acrobat 5.0

SELCD0123 Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority
         VCE Health & Physical Education

SELCD0124 Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority
         VCE Science

SELCD0125 Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority
         VCE Mathematics

SELCD0126 Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority
         VCE English

SELCD0127 Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority
         VCE Studies of Society & Environment

SELCD0128 Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority
         VCE Technology

SELCD0129 Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority
         VCE The Arts

SELCD0130 Inspiration Software Inc.
         Inspiration Version 6 Evaluation CD

SELCD0131 Inspiration Software Inc,
         Kidspiration - Grades K-3

SELCD0132 Flexible Learning
         Australian Flexible Learning Framework

SELCD0133 Macromedia - What the web can do
         Macromedia, Inc.

SELCD0134 Macromedia flash Jumps Start Kit
         Macromedia, Inc.

SELCD0135 Kid Pix - Delux 3
         Fun Tools for Big Imaginations

SELCD0136 Seminar on a CD

SELCD0137 Learning About Teaching
         Macromedia, Inc.

SELCD0138 Multimedia Jumpstart Version 1.1a
         Macromedia, Inc.

SELCD0139 A Tale of Two Worlds
         Macromedia, Inc.

SELCD0140 My First Incredible, Amazing Dictionary

SELCD0141 My First Amazing World Explorer 2.0

SELCD0142 Facts about Pencils

SELCD0143 Schools of the Future -
         Switched on Curriculum

SELCD0144 SofWeb Learning with the Internet

SELCD0145 Teachers’ Online Primary Science

SELCD146 Sample Science Program

SELCD 147 AARE2001 Conference (Freemantle) Papers

SELCD148 Lego
         Mind Storms for School

SELCD149 Census - Key Data/release 1

SELCD150 Macromedia -
         What the Web Can Be

SELCD151 Getting Started at UB - 2003 Edition

SELCD152 Knowledge Adventure

SELCD153 Accelerated Maths

SELCD154 Learning with the internet
         SOFWeb, Learning with technology

SELCD155 Microsoft ENCARTA
         Encyclopaedia Deluxe

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