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Coming Full Circle

We started this essay with a question:
What is a circle?

By now, it should be clear that there is no single answer. There are many answers. In some sense, all circles are alike. But, as the previous pages have shown, there are many ways of creating circles.

Perhaps even more important, there are many ways of thinking about circles. If you understand a circle in only one way, you really don't understand it at all. To really understand a circle -- or, in fact, to really understand anything -- you need to understand it in many diffferent ways.


At this point, we invite you to re-read these pages from the start. The point is not to get caught in a loop. When it comes to learning about things, there are not only circles but also spirals.

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Mitchel Resnick and Brian Silverman
Epistemology and Learning Group
MIT Media Laboratory

Last modified: November 17, 2003
by Rupert Russell