Adding Red Bubble's thumbnails of different purchase options to the description of your work.


For an example of how this works see: Easter Dragons Thank to monocotylidono and his Galactic Voyage (Triptych) for inspiring me to work out how to do this.



1) Go to the buy/preview link for the image:

Buy/Preview work

Note the URL of the Buy/Preview page

Copy: The URLs for for each of the type of products you will be displaying as thumbnails:

Matted Print:

Framed Print:

Mounted Print:




Save As

For this first example I have selected Framed Print. Right click on the thumbnail and select Save Picture As (Or similar wording if you are not using IE as your browser)

Note: For some reason I do not understand this process does not work for thumbnails of Cards only prints.





Copy the file name of the thumbnail

Copy the File name of the thumbnail image: work_4938722_2_fp,375x360,black,offwhite,flat,s,ffffff.jpg


Change the _ underscore characters to . periods in the file name eg:


from this : work_4938722_2_fp,375x360,black,offwhite,flat,s,ffffff.jpg

to this: work.4938722.2.fp,375x360,black,offwhite,flat,s,ffffff.jpg


Place the following including the exclamation mark ! at the front of the modified file name: !

Eg: !,375x360,black,offwhite,flat,s,ffffff.jpg

put an !: and follow it with the appropriate URL for the thumbnail type from the buy/purview page above




When you add this to the description of your work you should see a thumbnail of a Framed Print that links to the buy/preview page


Framed Print

Easter Dragns Framed





Matted Print

Easter Dragons Mounted Print




See below for what this look like:




This is the code that I have created for the above artwork:

Easter Dragons created with Ultra Fractal 5




Don't forget to go the the Show Public View and make sure it works including the links!


Test your links!


Have Fun,





T-Shirts use a sligtly different URL's