Haileybury College, Edrington - Computer Club


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The following games were created by students of Haileybury College, Edrington campus, Berwick Victoria Australia.
They were created with Gamemaker 5.0 which is available at www.gamemaker.nl

Aaron H. Year 6 2004 
Based on the 3D tutorial at www.gamemaker.nl 
6 levels 
source Maze.gmd 76kb 
executable Maze.exe 1Mb

Aaron H. Year 7 2005

Source The Lost Orb.gmd 298 kb (requires GM5.3a+)


Aaron H. Year 7 2005

Source The lost Orb 2.gmd 279kb (requires GM5.3a+)

Source robot football.gmd 63 kB

executable robotfootball.exe 1.5MB

Source The Lost Orb 3.gmd 282 kb (requires GM5.3a+)

Aaron H. & Mahasen S. Year 6 2004 
2 player tank game with lots of weapons, choice of background and soundtrack

Based on a game by Reuben F.

source Armageddon2.gmd 188kb

executable Armageddon2.exe 1416 kb

Armageddon3.gmd 198 kb

Painball Deluxe 
Mahasen S. Year 6 2004 
To fire click the left mouse button. To restart game Press F2. The falling paintballs after you fire will not affect the characters 
source painball deluxe edition.gmd 189 kb

executable painball deluxe edition.exe 1417kb

The extinction of trees with 3 levels 
Mahasen S. Year 6 2004 
Based on the 3D tutorial at www.gamemaker.nl 
Shoot with mouse and spacebar

source the extinction of trees with 3 levels.gmd 160 kb

executable the extinction of trees with 3 levels.exe 1390 kb


The Last Stand 
Reuben F. Year 5 2004 
3D first person shooter "Doom" style 
8 levels 

source The last stand.gmd 363 kb

executable The last stand.exe 1592 kb
more games by Reuben F

Big top haunting 
Alistair V. Year 5 2004 
Shooter, 4 levels 

source Big top haunting.gmd 114 kb

executable Big top haunting.exe 1339 kb
more games by Alistair V

Craig L. Year 7 2003 
Based on the platform tutorial at www.gamemaker.nl 
2 levels

source Platform.gmd 203 kb

executable Platform.exe 1431 kb

Jonathan K year 6 2003 
2 Player asteroids game

source space.gmd 56 kb

executable space.exe 1285 kb

Quinn B. year 6 2003 
2 player tank game, 3 levels

source destroyer1.gmd 108 kb

executable destroyer1.exe 1332 kb

The ghost and the diamonds 
Shane P. Year 6 2003 
Based on the platform tutorial at www.gamemaker.nl 
2 levels

source The Ghost and the Diamonds..gmd 248 kb

executable The Ghost and the Diamonds..exe 1470 kb

Gunney boys 1 
Tim G. year 4 2003 
source gunney boys1.gmd 350 kb

executable gunney boys1.exe 1579 kb

gunny boys 4 levels (year 5 2004)

source gunny boys 4 levels.gmd 359 kb (requires GM5.3a+)

Street Race Twirl

James S. year 5 2004

Based on Street Race at www.gamemaker.nl but you can shoot too

source street race twirl.gmd 129 kb

executable street race twirl.exe 1359 kb

source street race twirl cheat mode.gmd 122 kb

executable street race twirl cheat mode.exe 1.34 Mb


Mark is flying

Hayden M. year 5 2004


source mark is flying.gmd 59 kb


Zac B year 6 2003

2 player shooter

source Triple 07.gmd 14 kb


Alex B. year 5 2005

computer club 2.gmd 96 kb

computer club 5.gmd 174 kB

derwent.gmd 296 kB

dragon hell.gmd 5.3 MB

fnyshneav.gmd 13 kB

MA(Total Ahnilation2).gmd 2.5 MB

Maggot Man Return to Moggotopia.gmd 44 kB

Arjun N year 5 2005

.The Bear.gmd 31 kb

The Bear.exe 1329 kb

Arjun Rao Nandkumar died tragically at the end of 2007. He would have entered year 8 in 2008. His computer programs are testimony to a brilliant student with a love of learning who is greatly missed.


Charles F, year 3 2005

source The last stand V2.gmd 364 kb

(based on a game by Reuben F)

Chris G year 5 2005


Ninja game.gmd 1.6Mb

my best maze game (i think).gmd 101 kB

Search for fire by Chris .gmd 54 kB

Skuller.gmd 2 MB

Annie F Year 1

SKY.gmd 33kB

MIND READER.exe 1777 kB

Entry into Maths Talent Quest 2005

Reuben F.

William K.

Anthony N.

Rhys v O

Hayden M.

William K. year 6 2005

POLLEN.gmd 56kB



Chris W. Year 5 2005

death.gmd 5MB

death 2.gmd 224 kB

Electroball.gmd 87 kB

Bouncing Test.gmd 11kB

Explosive Wars.gmd 21 kB

It's time to cheat.gmd 156 kB

Maggots ADVANCED.gmd 72 kB

Dragon quest.exe 1.16 mb

Reuben F & James S 2005

ScreenIt 2005 3rd place winner