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Using PSP to touch up scanned images

Original image

Original image 395 KB

Final image

Final image 55 KB

1) Consider increasing the brightness and contrast in Paint Shop Pro select: Colours | Adjust | Brightness/Contrast...
     In this example we used 3% more brightness and 15 % more contrast.

2) You may want to resize the image use: Image | Resize... | Percentage of Original.
In this case we used 33% of original size. The result is a smaller file size and faster download.

3) Sharpen the image use: Effects | Sharpen | Unsharp Mask... experiment with different values for strength to see what looks best.

4) Consider saving as a GIF file for text or simple line drawings (reducing to only 256 colours).
    In this example the final file size was reduced to 55KB from 395 KB.

Created: June 29, 2002
Last modified: December 03, 2003

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