Ultra Fractal 2.04 Notes
Render to Disk
1) Choose Fractal | Render to Disk... or CTRL + R.
2) Choose the size of the image
   that you want to render.
   up to 800 x 600 for the Web
   2480 x 1860 for printing to A4
3) Click Browse.... and select
   the drive where you want to
   save the fractal.  Use the J:\
   drive at Uni and the C:\ drive
   at home.
4) Click Render to start the
   fractal rendering
In order to allow the creation of very large fractal images for high resolution printing Ultra Fractal has a feature called Render to Disk.  
Rendering images is one way to save a copy of the fractal as an image.  The other way to save an image is to use File | Export Image...   Exporting images is quick but the size of the image is limited to the size of your display.  Also exporting images does not allow anti-aliasing.  Anti-aliasing is particularly useful for images which will be viewed on a computer monitor with limited resolution, such as images meant to be placed on the Internet. The advantage of anti-aliasing is that is softens the edges of images and often improves the appearance of the fractal.
To render a fractal choose Fractal | Render to Disk... or CTRL + R.