XaoS Notes
Installing XaoS
  Note:  Each time you want to use XaoS on a computer in one of the University labs you will have to
  download and install XaoS.  If you install it at home you will only have to go through this process
1) Start Internet Explorer open my home page velorum.ballarat.edu.au/~rrussell and select tutorials from
   the menu at the top of the screen.
2) Open the What are Fractals? page from the bottom of the contents list.
3) Select the Windows 98 version 3.1 or XP version as required
   or enter the following address into your browser:
   Note: If you need a UNIX or Macintosh version for home that are available from:
4)  Click Open
5) Click Unzip
6) click OK
7) Click Close
8) Double click on the XaoS icon on the desktop.