XaoS Notes
Basic controls
  Once installed XaoS is easy to use, use the left  mouse button to zooms in and the right mouse button
  to zoom out. Move the mouse around to pan the fractal while zooming or press and hold both mouse
  buttons together and drag the fractal image around the screen.
Mouse Buttons
   Left          Zoom in
   Right          Zoom out
   Both          Drag the  fractal
Keyboard shortcuts
   A          Autopilot
   D         Default palette
   F         Change internal colours from black
   H         Help
   J         Fast Julia
   L         Display ministatus ~ fractal informaion
   M         Switch from Mandelbrot to Julia set
   O         Rotation submenu
   P         Load a random palette
   Q         Quit
   U         Undo
   Y         Colour cycling
   Up arrow      Increase zoom speed
   Down arrow      Decrease zoom speed
   Left arrow      Reduce iterations
   Right arrow      Increase iterations
Number keys.   
   1           The default Mandelbrot Set formula  z = z^2 + c
   2         Mandelbrot ^ 3 Set z = z ^ 3 + c
   3         Mandelbrot ^ 4 Set z = z ^ 4 + c
   4         Mandelbrot ^ 5 Set z = z ^ 5 + c
   5         Mandelbrot ^ 6 Set z = z ^ 6 + c
   6         The  octo fractal discovered by Thomas A. K. Kjaer.
   7         The Newton.
   8         The Barnsley set
   9         The Phoenix. It is a very nice and quite famous fractal.
   0         The Magnet.