XaoS Notes
  Use the left and right arrow keys to increase or decrease the number of iterations.
  The autopilot is enabled or disabled by pressing the A key.  or using the menu UI | Autopilot
  The automatically drives into interesting areas of the set.  It will backtrack and zoom out if it moves into  
  boring areas.  
Load random example
  Loading a random example is a good way see some of the posibilities of using XaoS.  Use
  File | Load random example to display preset examples.
  When you find an interesting  random example you can
  continue to zoom in or out and play with the  fractal as   you would any fractal that you generate yourself.
Because the boundary of the Mandelbrot Set is infinitely complex it would take an infinite amount of time to calculate a single point within the Mandelbrot Set.  This would be extremely boring having to wait forever for a single back spot to appear on the screen.
To avoid this programs that generate the Mandelbrot Set usualy allow you to specify a maximum number of iterations or loops through the formula foe each point on the screen.
If the number of iterations is too large it will take too long to calculate each screen and the zooming speed will suffer.  If the number of iterations to too small detail will be lost.
By default XaoS set the number of iterations to 170 this number will not be adequate to show sufficient detail if you zoom in deeply.  If the edge of the set is looking boring try increasing the number of iterations.  To do this press the right arrow on the keyboard.