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ICT leaders day - Nov 2010

Hi All,

It was nice to be invited back to present another workshop for the CEO

So here are the notes for my workshop

Have Fun. A rotoscoped image of Rupert Russell Rupert


Videos worth watching

Interesting and useful websites

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Extracted Audio file

45.7 MB

MPEG-4_Video.3gp Recordered with a Nokia E52 handset
WIth a Bluetooth Headset.
Note the audio quality is rather muddy this is because the
Bluetooth headset is not sitting in my ear where it
is designed to sit but is clipped to my shirt.

I wanted to test how well this would work and I do not think
it workes very well this way. The headsets noise cancelling
system is designed to work best with the headset in the users ear.

20.2 MB runtime 01:10


Audio extracted from the headcam. The quality of this audio is significanlty better than the audio from the Bluetooth headset that was clipped to my shirt.



Headcam video extract


2.09 MB runtime 0:37


This is a short extract from the headcam video.

Note this is the first time I have used a headcam. I had neglected to make sure that the camera was placed in the headset horozontally so the video is shot at an angle. Also the "point of view" camera was not pointing where I was looking so instead of being able to see the screen where I was looking all you see are 2 of the other 4 cameras I was testing on the day. So all in all the only useful thing I got out of the headcam was an extract of the audio which was a reasionable quality.

It is also not surprising that it is very nausious to watch video shot from a "point of view" headcam as the video is "all over the place" apart from not being horizontal. It's like the worst of hand held camerawork. "All over the shop."




Top 10

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