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Claymation notes

Google Search for Claymation Free Software


Time: 2:45pm – 4:00pm
Location: Studio
Notes: Laptops needed


Capture and Editing Software for Windows:

* Stop Motion Animator capture software to use with a webcam


Duration Running Time Content Links
1 1 Introduction
1 2 Who am I
10 12 Install and play with Piviot Stickfigure animator

Note: There is a copy of Piviot on the CD-ROM

20 32

Use Movie Maker to
load a sequence of still images and create an video file.

See Movie Maker Notes
5 37 Install Stop Motion Animator

Note: there is a copy of Stop Motion Animator on the CD-ROM

20 57

Create an animatin using Stop Motion Animator





Name Rating URL Comments
Clay Animatine Made Easy: How To Get Started ****


Software for Storyboarding/Brainstorming
Clay Figures
Digital Video/Animation Equipment/Software
Video Editing
Other Resources

Piviot Stickfigure animator *** Simple
Stop Motion Animator **** Simple to use animation program. Use a webcam to capture frames. Provides video Onion Skinning
A list of free 2D animation programs  
A list of free 3D animation programs  



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