Golden Rules


Other things to remember
Web page creation sequence
Existing web page modification sequence
Publication sequence

Golden Rules

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Other things to remember:

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Please Note:

When testing files make sure that you check the copy on the WWW and not the local copy on the J:\ drive - look for at the start of the URL or Location:

The location should read
The location should not read file:///j:|99x0045.html
  - in this example I am using 99x0045 as my student number you should substitute your own student number -

Make sure you check the www version This is the correct, you should be checking the version on the WWW.

This incorrect.

Web page creation sequence:

Start Netscape - double click on the Netscape icon on the desktop
File | New | Blank Page

File | New | Blank Page

File | Save as
Save to J:\
Give the page a title

At this point you should have a blank page on the screen. This is much like the blank page you see when you start Word.
Type in a heading and save the file again.
You have just completed step one of the web page life cycle the next step is to FTP the file to the www. See: Using Ws-FTP


Existing web page modification sequence:

Start Netscape - double click on the Netscape icon on the desktop
File | Open Page...

File | Open Page...

Composer | Choose File...

Composer | Choose File...

You may have to change to J:\ drive when choosing your file

Open | Open

Make your changes and save the file to J:\ drive


Publication sequence:

Make sure you have saved the web page first!
Start WS-FTP:
Start| Programs | Applications | Internet | WS-Ftp
Profile: www
Host Name: www
Host Type: Auto detect
ID: your student number - if you have an m make sure to type it in lower case
Password: WS-Ftp password - requires numbers and letters remember UNIX is case sensitive
Press OK

Session Properties

Double click on the public_html folder on the remote system - right hand side Select the file(s) you want to publish on the Local system and click the -> arrow see: Using Ws-FTP

Start Netscape Browser
Don't forget to reload to see your changes see: Problems with Ws-FTP
Check the file you just published, make sure the links and images work.

Make sure you are checking the file on the www and not the copy on your J:\ drive - look for

Last modified: March 4, 2004