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Fifty years of games Feb 4, 2017 / DSKMAG

Lesson plans

Advanced GameMaker.doc (580kB) pdf (1.3MB) Code, variables, draw event etc.
ExpandingGameMakerwithscripting.doc (1.3MB) simpler scripting, mainly using variables Klik and Play Tutorials


Game programming in schools
See samples of student work:


Programming Guide For Video-Gamers  students from Inglewood High School and New Plymouth Girls' High have been taught to create games that are fun to play while learning about programming, logic and graphics design. a workshop for 2006 Women in Science day, called "Computer Games for Girls". Seventeen girls, ages 13-14, attended the workshop  final student projects in the course, Foundations of Interactive Game Design, taught at the Univ. of California, Santa Cruz, in Winter quarter 2006


Logo/Microworlds Microworlds years 4&5 Science Museum of Minnesota Learning Technologies Classes

Flash Flash Classroom, Flash resources and students' gallery

Teachers' forums Games in Learning. Australian forum, covers game playing and game creation (currently very active) UK based forum, game playing and creation

Gamemaker "how to" samples
this site Rupert Russell Rupert Russell GM5

Royalty free sounds Melody Assistant runs on Macintosh (Mac OS 8.6 to Mac OS X) and Windows (95, 98, ME, 2000, NT4 or XP). English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese. Shareware with no time limit, pay US$ 20 or 20 euros only if it matches your expectations. Audacity is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. It is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems
Python is an open source object oriented programming language. Its add in Vpython gives 3D programming capability. Vpython is greatly recommended, particularly for its suite of examples including 3D simulations of gas kinematics and solar system formation. Links for Pygame and other stuff



Logo logo resources LCSI Microworlds Rupert Russell Microworlds    "
Mac, cross platform & other languages open source flight simulator, maybe suitable for year 12's? cube_2004_05_22.tar.gz - Platform-Independent .gz - 20 Mb. Open source 3D FPS C++. (gz archive will unzip with Winzip. Source files will compile with Visual ), maybe suitable for year 12's? Power Game Factory, software for creating side scrolling action games for the Macintosh. $44 Try for as long as you want, free of charge The dim3 development application is exclusive to Mac OS X . dim3 is open source, so anybody that wants to tinker with the actual code can do so. Unity is a 3D game editor with powerful cross-platform capabilities. Download a 15 day unlimited trial version BlitzMax, a cross platform programming language based on BASIC. Download for Windows or MacOS (30 day time limit) or $80 Torque Game Engine SDK Full C++ source code to the engine $100.00 USD Windows, Macintosh, Linux Blender is open source software for 3D modeling. Available for all major operating systems under the GNU Public License. Has game and physics engine. Elephants Dream is the world’s first open movie, made entirely with open source graphics software such as Blender Polygonesia - implementation of a low-fi 3D-engine in Cocoa (Objective C) that will run on a G3 iMac or faster TNT Basic makes games for the Macintosh. Compose graphics, sounds, music and code with simplicity and ease LAB3D/SDL is a port of Ken's Labyrinth to modern operating systems The Mac Game Developer Community

Squeak is cross platform (windows) Platform Studio  creates  2D platform games. It does not require any coding, although that is among one of its many features. The standard edition is free of charge source code of some of the popular 'text-only' BASIC language programs from the early 1980's. These are simple programs, no fancy graphics and no sound. Links to: Tutorials, Articles, Pathfinding, AI, Java, Blitz, Macromedia, Mobile Games, Courses, Conferences etc. Kids Programming Language - freeware Kahootz is more of a 3D animation package but the activities in this doc are equally applicable to a range of game platforms The Mac Game Creator Toolkit TNT Basic is open source and freeware. TNT Basic uses a simple programming language to allow a novice programmer to make 2D sprite based games Croquet supports collaboration and resource sharing among large numbers of users within the context of a large-scale distributed information system. Able to deliver 3D visualization and simulations. Croquet is built on top of Squeak. Discover fundamentals of computer programming by playing a board game, US $24.95 Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98 or 95, 60 US$ or 49 EUR Alice, 3D game programming Tutorials by Rohan Dean for Alice Book: Learning to Program with Alice Web based motion programming, Botz, Widgets Bugbrain, web based programming with neural networks links for game making and multimedia Stick Soldiers by WhiteSpaceUnlimited. Scripts can be edited with notepad, images and sound files can be edited too Pivot makes it easy to create stick-figure animations. You can build your own stick figures and load your own backgrounds. The animations can be saved as animated gifs. Soda Constructor, build wireframe models with real physics, mass spring damper actuator modelling. Thinking Worlds™ is an educational games authoring engine which allows you to play, edit, create and share games with others. Free six month BETA trial commences May 06

Adventure Author a game creation tool for children aged 10-14

Runtime Revolution  Revolution Media: Adventure Game Creator Project Create a walk-through adventure game from your 2D or rendered 3D graphics He's a small magican for teaching programming not by writing text-code but using images as commands Research and development collaboration with the Institute of Education, University of London, 3D games authoring platform .School Only  Site Licence £1895 Standalone  £79  US$24.95


Flash  Flash games, movies & tutorials by students and young adults, very funny too Flash games, playable games, articles and source code contains visual poetry and science fun narrated in an object oriented graphic environment, open source Flash modules tutorials aimed at anyone interested in implementing 2D collision detection and response for games, or anyone interested in how we implemented various parts of N


ASCIImation & GIFs
Sorry no student's work to show but..   Star wars in ASCII animation   Matrix in ASCII animation


Maths Demo's, Applets and Virtual Manipulatives Brilliant! Animated GIF's illustrate a large number of mathematics concepts. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives WisWeb is the website of the Freudenthal Institute for secondary education (students of 12 to 18 years old). The main focus of the site are applets; small computer programs that run over the internet These activities are designed for either group or individual exploration into concepts from middle school mathematics. The activities are Java applets and as such require a java-capable browser. contains visual poetry and science fun narrated in an object oriented graphic environment, open source Flash modules Crocodile Science player and simulations chemistry/biology simulations and animations



Using game systems to make movies "playing the movies" Helen Stuckey, ACMI


Competitions  Australia's moving image competition for primary school students and secondary school students.

Research Links
Conference proceedings
The inaugural Australian Game Programming in Schools Conference. Margaret Meijers, "Game making and Asperger's disorder", Bill Kerr, "Reflections on 3.5 years of teaching Game Maker". Al Upton, "Game Maker templates", Tony Forster, "Constructivist learning in an unstructured environment"
Literature reviews  The use of computer and video games for learning A review of the literature, Alice Mitchell and Carol Savill-Smith, Ultralab, 2004 References in Entertainment Computing
BEHAVIOUR: LITERATURE STUDY Matthias Rauterberg Department of Industrial Design Technical University Eindhoven (The Netherlands) learning patterns for the design and deployment of mathematical games, a collaboration between the Universities of Athens, Dublin, Göteborg, London, Utrecht and Warwick and Il Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche Games for Learning Resources, Federation of American Scientists (FAS) Classification of learning outcomes: evidence from the computer games literature Harold F. O’Neil, Richard Wainess and Eva L. Baker THE EFFECTIVENESS OF INSTRUCTIONAL GAMES: A LITERATURE REVIEW AND DISCUSSION NOVEMBER 2005 Robert T. Hays Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division
Cognitive transfer  Works by Seymour Papert, Ph.D.
Implicit in much of Papert's work on LOGO, (and often anecdotal), is the assertion that young children are learning transferable skills  ON THE COGNITIVE EFFECTS OF LEARNING COMPUTER PROGRAMMING
Pea's challenge to the (often untested) assumption that LOGO skills were transferable  Computer Criticism vs. Technocentric Thinking By Seymour Papert
Papert's refutation of Pea's work
The following documents relate to cognitive transfer from computer programming, games and computers. They are generally dated later than the above links. Cognitive Daily » Video games can improve performance in vision tasks Computers Support Algebraic ThinkingDouglas H. Clements and Julie Sarama The Fifth Dimension Cognitive Evaluation, Final Report
I think, a significant document. The study found "evidence across three different sites and using a collection of cognitive outcome measures that participation in the Fifth Dimension resulted in improvements in children's literacy". The study concentrated on literacy, not the normally expected mathematical and logical skills. Detailed testing methodology is given. "Improving Second Language Writing Skills with Problem Solving Computer Games" (Writing Skills)by John F. Barber, Ph. D  Learning with computers and instructional strategies Peter Beamish and Wing Au University of Newcastle EFFECTS OF LOGO EXPERIENCE AND GRADE ON CONCEPT LEARNING AND CREATIVITY Douglas Degelman Ellen J. Brokaw John U. Free Eastern Nazarene College Multimedia in Education Tony Brown Created: 25.6.97 The University of New England, NSW, Australia INTEGRATING TECHNOLOGY IN A MATHEMATICS COGNITIVE INTERVENTION PROGRAM Marios Pittalis, Nicholas Mousoulides and Constantinos Christou Department of Education, University of Cyprus Why teach children programming? Playground Project The Logo Syndrome David Wyatt Trinity College Virtual Manipulatives When Does The Use Of Computer Games And Other Interactive Multimedia Software Help Students Learn Mathematics?(DRAFT June 14, 98)Maria M. Klawe Boyle, T. Towards a theoretical base for educational multimedia design Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 2002 GAME DESIGN IN EDUCATION Mark Overmars Institute of Information and Computing Sciences Computer Games in Education Project BECTA What aspects of games may contribute to education?  The interrelationship between higher order thinking skills in student learning and the pedagogy of Robotics across the curriculum.  The George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF) is a nonprofit operating foundation that documents and disseminates information about exemplary programs in K-12 schools to help these practices spread nationwide.  Each game was designed by a team of students with an adult assigned to support them and facilitate the design process. The actual programming of the games was done by the University of Georgia personnel using Authorware, a multimedia authoring tool by Macromedia Teaching for Transfer, D. N. Perkins and Gavriel Salomon, The Lookstein Centre  . Transfer Of Declarative Knowledge In Complex Information Processing Domains
Gender Playing Together Beats Playing Apart, Especially for Girls Kori Inkpen  “We Have Never-Forgetful Flowers In Our Garden:”Girls’ Responses To Electronic Games. 1994. K. Inkpen, R. Upitis, M. Klawe, J. Lawry, A. Anderson, M. Ndunda, K. Sedighian, S. Leroux, and D.Hsu Using Games to Promote Girls' Positive Attitudes Toward Technology by Richard Van Eck

Games  Facts Crawford, The Art of Computer Game Design Tutorial: What is a good game? Copyright 2003-2004, Mark Overmars Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry - 2003 GAME DEVELOPERS’ ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIA GAME INDUSTRY FACT SHEET 2003  Top Twenty Games Publishers
Games - Good or Bad?  Power and Control of Games: Children as the Actors of Game Cultures Laura Ermi & Frans Mäyrä CHILDREN'S CULTURE Rauterberg, M. (2004). Positive effects of entertainment technology on human behaviour Benefits Associated with Participation in School Sports and Other Extracurricular Activities in Adolescence Online Game communities are social in nature By Cindy Ahuna Children and Computers:New Technology—Old Concerns Ellen A.Wartella Nancy Jennings The Impact of Home Computer Use on Children’s Activities and Development Kaveri Subrahmanyam Robert E. Kraut Patricia M. Greenfield Elisheva F. Gross EDITOR'S LETTER Knot in My Class!by Gary StagerDistrict Administration magazine April 2003 Alliance for Childhood - Fool's Gold A Critical Look at Computers in Childhood Ten things wrong with the "effects" model. This essay sets out ten reasons why 'effects research' as we have seen it so far seems to be fundamentally flawed and is often surprisingly poor. This leads to the conclusion, that media influences are something that we still know very little about, because the research hasn't been very good or imaginative... and so, therefore, it's still an open question. WHAT PEOPLE SAID ABOUT BOOKS IN 1498


Making Games Game Production TimeLine, John Laird, University of Michigan  OK! What Do I Do Before Starting to Write a Game?
Playing Games Video Games as an Education Tool, Scott M. Robertson Use of Computer and Video Games in the Classroom, John Kirriemuir Professor Angela McFarlane A survey of COTS games used in education, John Kirriemuir Resources relevant to the use of commercial or "pure" computer and video games in education, teaching and learning Interactive Software and Game Techniques to Enhance Teaching and Learning, Association for Applied  Interactive Media Educational Gaming at Drexel University, using Unreal Tournament 2004. Developers can upload maps here and testers can provide feedback  VR-ENGAGE is similar to that of the popular game called “DOOM” (ID-Software 1993) which has many virtual theme worlds with castles and dragons that the player has to navigate through and achieve the goal of reaching the exit  The approaches he uses are innovative and imaginative, in particular his use of games software. Delivering via an interactive whiteboard, he edits then shows high multimedia content computer games to stimulate discussion between pupils in the literacy hour. Serious games , pedagogy in COTS games, instructional games design, cultural preservation through game technology, teaching CS using games


Other stuff  PixelEd is a non-profit organisation that offers support to teachers and students in multimedia Games programming Wiki