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Chauffeurs Name Board Version 4.0

A simple app that allows Chauffeurs & Taxi drives to display the name of a passenger full screen on an Android phone or tablet.
I am selling it for AU 99c on Google Play.


ChauffeursNameBoard020.zip 3.7 Mb

ChauffeursNameBoard020.7z 2.1 Mb


Version 4.0 is a significant improvement on the manual method of enlarging the text to fill the screen used in v1.

The difference between v2 and v4 is that in v4, the user can click the full sized name to open the editing screen. In v2 the user had to open the menu and click a menu button to enter the editing screen this was not intuitive.

Unfortunately this improved user interface will probably require a total rewrite as I can not work out how to implement the long press and swipe with the BigButton approach to enlarging the text as provided by catchthecows/BigTextButton

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