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My Tutorials Contents:

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link added October 20, 2014

3D Printing
HTML AutoHotkey

HTMLPDF Corel Draw

Animation Shop 3 Notes Version 2.0
HTML Android Programming Notes and Pages
HTML APA style guide
HTML Arduino
HTML CHDK Canon Hack Development Kit
HTML Crocodile Clips
link added August 20, 2013
link added March 9, 2007
Cute PDF Writer
Desk Top Publishing

HTMLPDF Corel Draw

Digital Camera Notes
HTML DOS Commands
Added May 1, 2014

HTMLPDF Corel Draw

Dreamweaver UltraDev 4
HTML Excel Notes
HTMLPDF Corel Draw Excel File Excel Markbook
HTML Evacuation Planning

HTMLPDF Corel Draw

Flash 5
PDF Forms - How to create forms in MS-Word
Added August 20, 2007
PDFprintPDFwebCorel Draw Forums
HTML Fractals
HTML Fractint Notes
Added April 19, 2014

HTMLPDF Corel Draw

Fractal eXtreme Notes
HTML FreeMind Tutorials
Added May 26, 2010
HTML List of Image sites


FTP Tutorial


Game Maker 5
Game Maker 6
HTML Gimp 2
Updated August 6, 2010
HTML Golden Rules
HTML Grammar Notes Effect / Affect
HTMLPDFCorel Draw How to redirect your UoB Student Webmail
HTMLPDFCorel Draw How to view your Webpage (& WebCT) from home

IrfanView Notes .pdf & .pub

Updated March 21, 2014

Local copy of IrfanView 4.37 setup for Windows iview437_setup

Use https://www.virustotal.com/ to check the SHA-256 checksum:
iview437_setup.exe - b26ed53250e75e97feea5228696220e51b7f87384748ae5c296413f1f8cdec3f

Inserting Hyperlinks in a PowerPoint 97 Presentation

HTMLPDF Corel Draw

JASC Animation Shop 3 Notes Version 2.0


JASC Paint Shop Pro Notes

HTMLPDF Corel Draw

Macromedia Flash 5
HTMLPDF Corel Draw Excel file Excel Markbook
HTML Map a USB Drive

HTMLPDF Corel Draw

Mavica SONY Digital Camera Notes
HTMLPDF Corel Draw MicroWorlds
HTMLPDF MS Word Forms updated April 25, 2007
PDF Corel Draw MGI Videowave III
HTML Netscape Composer Notes
HTML Night Photography created May 10, 2007
HTMLcreated August 26, 2006 NoteTab Text Editor Clips


Paint Shop Pro Notes
HTML Photoshop Tutorial Links
HTML Photostory 3


PowerPoint notes PDF Version 225 KB

How to Compress images in PowerPoint


Print all Text as Black
HTML Processing
Added October 01, 2010

Added February 6, 2013

HTML Python Links & Examples
Added June 08, 2008
HTML HP Scanner Notes   (Located in Room T310)
HTML Raspberry Pi & Arduino
Added March 16, 2013
HTML Redbubble Stickers
Added May 15, 2010
HTMLPDFCorel Draw Redirect your UoB Student Webmail
HTML Resistor Code Mnemonics
Created March 12, 2008

Resizing Images

Remote access to University of Ballarat Internal pages including WebCT

How to view your Webpage from home


Added July 2, 2014

HTML Rubric Links
HTML Rupert's Tips Page
HTML SmartBoard Maths Workshop (under construction)
October 6, 2008


SONY Digital Camera Notes
HTML Style Guides
HTMLPDFCorel Draw Technology Lifecycle
HTML Telnet Notes Used to change the default password for Ws-FTP
HTML Timelapse Photography
HTMLPDFCorel Draw Ultra Fractal 2.04 (Notes) | Ultra Fractal 2.04 (program)
HTML UNIX Regular Expressions & Perl Script Examples
HTML Using Paint Shop Pro 7 to preserve privacy on the Internet
HTML Using Paint Shop Pro 7 to touch up scanned images
HTML Video Conversion
HTML Videos to watch
HTML Visual Basic 6.0
HTMLPDFCorel Draw Webpage Lifecycle
HTML WebQuests
HTML What are fractals?
Word Art
HTML Word Clouds

Ws-FTP Notes

Ws-FTP LE (File Transfer Protocole Limited Edition) (free to students) local copy 691 KB

HTML Video Lighting Tutorials
Added May 27, 2010

XaoS Notes

HTML YouTube Tutorials
Added May 28, 2010


Other Tutorials on the Web:

FresherImage.com : PaintShop Pro Tutorials :
Easy to learn techniques for all graphic skill levels. Discover effects such as TV lines, gradients, and more.

Grammar Notes

GroupWise Notes (Used to import student e-mail addresses from UBSAS into the Groupwise Address Book)


Web Page Publishing Tutorials
Other things to remember about publishing web pages

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