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Victorian Cursive Script & Maths Fonts

See also: The Victorian Department of Education fonts page

see also IT Basics; Incorporating Font Into Web Design thanks to Sarah for finding this link and to Katherine Bandos for passing it on to me.


Victorian Cursive Script Fonts

Teachers make your own handwriting exercises, posters, crosswords, flashcards and other classroom resources on your computer. 

A set of Maths fonts includes Geometric Shapes, Any Fraction, Mathematical Symbols, and Time and Money. 

The handwriting sets come with seven fonts, Bold, Dots, Cursive, Outline, Regular, Numbered Dots and Numbered Outline. All numerals or numbers are included. 

All our fonts are TrueType and scalable to any size, available for both Macintosh and IBM compatible computers (PCs). 

If we don't have the style your district uses then Tell Us! We can probably make it for you. 


Maths Fonts
PDF Document
Maths Fonts
CorelDRAW 10 Version

Maths Fonts

PDF Document Maths Fonts
CorelDRAW 10 Version

Thirds & Dotted Thirds
Thirds & Dotted Thirds

School Fonts Order Form

PDF Document Order Form

To view these files you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded free of charge by clicking on the 'Get Acrobat Reader' icon.

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