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Computer Labs @ Mount Helen:

Lab No. Computer Type Location
Zip drives
Soundcard / Speakers
No. of Computers
Monitor Size
1 IBM PC  B Building, B904
y - y 
2 IBM PC  T Building, T207
y - y
3 IBM PC  B Building, B905
y - y
5 IBM PC  E Building, E325
y - y 
6 IBM PC  Library, Lower Ground Floor
y - y 
7 IBM PC  B Building, B903
y - n
8 IBM PC  Library Upper Floor
y - y 

If you are an ITMS student, you can access these specialist labs:
+ ITMS Lab 1  IBM Compatible PC T Building Annex
ITMS Lab 2  IBM Compatible PC  T Building Annex
  ITMS Lab 3 IBM Compatible PC T Building Annex
  IT Networking Lab IBM Compatible PC T Building Annex


If you are a School of Education student you have access to:


Education Computer Lab

IBM Compatible PC's T Building Room 316

@ Labs 6 & 9 are available predominantly for student access, as they are not booked for classes.

# Labs 1 and 7 are general after hours access labs. A general access card is required for access between 5.30pm-8am Monday to Friday and on weekends.

+ IT Labs 1, 2, 3 and Lab 4 are also after hours access labs. An ITMS (IT lab) or Mac Lab (Lab 4) card is required for access between 5:30pm-8:00am Monday to Friday and on weekends. Most labs are available between 8:00am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday. Labs may be available outside these hours at the discretion of security staff. All IBM Personal Computers are currently running Windows 98 and MS Office 2000. At 5:30pm Monday to Friday, the after hours access labs are locked automatically.

STUDENTS WHO ARE IN THE LAB AFTER 5:30pm MUST HAVE AN ACCESS CARD IN ORDER TO LEAVE OR REMAIN IN THE LAB. Access Cards Access cards are available to all students at a cost of $20 per year (Jan-Dec), of which $10 is refunded upon return of the card. Cards must be returned personally to the Information Desk, and must be returned at the end of each year. ITMS and Graphic Arts students may purchase a card that allows access to specialised computer laboratories. General access cards provide access to labs 1 & 7 only. Cards must be purchased for individual use only, and not loaned, sold or given to any other person. Access card holders must not hold the lab door open after hours for any other person that does not own an access card. If an access card is lost, please report it to the Information Desk immediately. A new access card must be purchased, but if the lost access card is found within a week of purchasing a new one, a full refund will be given. Please see the Information Desk for an Access Card Application Form if you are interested in purchasing an access card.


Location of Computer Laboratories

Location of Computer Laboratories @ Mount Helen

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