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Open Source MP3 Player Kit


In 2001, artist and designer Raphael Abrams went looking for a new challenge. After some long and careful consideration, he came upon the idea of designing and building his own open source mp3 player kit. His criteria? First, it had to be easy to build. Second, it had to be open sourced. Finally, and most importantly, it had to be more than just a handheld device -- it had to connect easily to many interfaces, everything from simple button pushing to parallel ports to very powerful serial modes.

The Daisy is a multipurpose sound player for embedded aplications. It can be used as a standalone personal music player,as the sound for an art project, in a kiosk, as a museum tour guide, in a toy, or anywhere that high quality embedded audio is desired. It uses MMC or SD flash memory cards so storage size is unlimited. It has several interface modes for either human or machine control.

This is an open source project, with minimal protections reserved via a Creative Commons license. You are allowed to use any of the information on this page for any purpose, I only require attribution.


Here is Raphael Abrams' web site, with links to his Daisy MP3 project pages. They can be found at the bottom of the page.

How-To: Make your own MP3 player

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