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> email distribution list subscriptions

email distribution list subscriptions

See: edulists

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Abc's Health-Updates

Health-Updates is a weekly alert about recent ABC health coverage now available online, and what's coming up in the week ahead. http://www2b.abc.net.au/communities/mailinglists_alpha.shtm  
NetLogo Educators group This group is designed to make announcements to K-12 educators about releases and updates for the NetLogo modeling software, as well as provide guidance and ideas for using NetLogo in the classroom. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/netlogo-educators/  
offtopic -- Information Technology Teachers' Offtopic Mailing List Offtopic Discussion Mailing List aims to bring together teachers, lecturers, industry, students,administrators and any other stakeholders to deliver the best possible outcomes for students http://www.edulists.com.au/mailman/listinfo/offtopic offtopic Archives
oz-teachers Professional community for teachers http://lists.rite.ed.qut.edu.au/mailman/listinfo/oz-teachers oz-teachers Archives
primaryit Primary Teachers' Information Technology Mailing List http://www.edulists.com.au/mailman/listinfo/primaryit Archive
Tell Me When

Robert X. Cringelyhas been writing for the World Wide Web since April 1997

http://www.pbs.org/cringely/when/ Archive
Year 7 - 10 Information Technology Teachers' Mailing List Year 7 - 10 Information Technology Teachers' Mailing List http://www.edulists.com.au/mailman/listinfo/yr7-10it Yr7-10it Archives

Information Processing and Management

Teachers' Mailing List

Year 12 Information Technology Processing and Management Teachers' Mailing List http://www.edulists.com.au/mailman/listinfo/ipm

IPM Archives

IPM Resources

Mitworld   http://mitworld.mit.edu/  
Web Standards Group "The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), along with other groups and standards bodies, has established technologies for creating and interpreting web-based content. http://webstandardsgroup.org/mail/  


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