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Vista Windows Update Error 8024A000

I recently replaced a faulty hard disk drive in a Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop model 300 PSPCDA-00L00D

The replacment drive was a Western Digital 500 MB the original Toshiba drive was a 320 GB drive. model MK3252GSX

After reinstalling the factory out of the box settings I was unable to run Windows update. After hours of searching the internet and reinstalling Windows a second time I discovered the answer on the following page: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/itprovistadesktopui/thread/45c67633-0df1-483b-b387-2f4d980ff08c

Here's the solution. I had to replace a failed hard drive in a Vista laptop. The original drive was a 200GB and I replaced it with a 500GB. I used my original Toshiba restoration CDs. I've spent HOURS troubleshooting this problem and I never would have guessed the solution -- it's the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver. It has to be updated because of the larger drive.

Here's a link to an HP support site for the updated driver. You can also find the update on Intel's site.


This fixed the problem of not being able to run Windows Update and getting the error: 8024A000


Notebooks with the Western Digital high density hard drive, such as 1TB or 750GB, may display abnormal error messages if the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver (IRRT) is not updated. Examples of error messages include:

Download and Install the latest IRRT Driver

To resolve this issue, download and install the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver.
Softpaq Description Information Download
Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver

SP47845 Instructions/Information SP47845 File Download

Local copy of driver SP47845

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