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Macromedia Flash 5 Notes


Flash 5 Notes Version 34 included "hot spots"
PDF Version PDF (1,204 KB)
CDR (3,234 KB)



flash sourceftp.fla      ziped fla file ftp.zip source code



flash source Hot_Spots.fla   (529 KB)      ziped fla file Source code Hot_Spots.zip (504 KB)



flash source Hot_Spots_R1200GS.fla   (2,489 KB)     ziped fla file Hot_Spots_R1200GS.zip (2,457 KB)



flash source shanghai251.swf   (9,052 KB)   interactive-shanghai.doc (68 KB)



flash sourcerupert.fla (31 KB)



flash sourcemorph.fla (70 KB)


flash sourcerandom1.fla   (35 KB)       ziped fla file random1.zip (7 KB)


Flash 5 Notes PDF file


Flash Links

Flash Kit
Flash Kit is the world's largest Flash resource site. What on earth does that mean?, you ask. Well, it is a one stop raw materials centre for flash creations, containing thousands of open source movies, online tutorials, help forums, sound effects and loops, and fonts. As if that wasn't amazing enough in itself, Flash Kit is completely free! :)


Create a motion tween Flash 5
Learn how to animate objects in Flash. This is a simple exercise to show you all the different types of animations you can do with motion tweens.

Motion Guides Flash 5
Create objects that follow a draw path while animating.

Learn how to use layers in Flash 5. This is a basic beginner step-by-step tutorial.


Google search for "flash tutorials"


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