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Examples of flash animations used in teaching


iogami 10/97



Flash Animation The Action Potential

Dubinsky, J. & Ceeln, P. (n.d.). The action potential. Retrieved August 6, 2008, from BrainU
     website: http://www.brainu.org/action_potential_cartoon.swf


The Action Potential

Action Potential Propagation
(n.d.). Retrieved August 6, 2008, from Harvey Project web site:



An international collaboration of educators, researchers, physicians, students, programmers, instructional designers and graphic artists working together to build a highly interactive human physiology course on the Web. Materials produced will be made freely available.


Why do we sleep?

Why do we sleep? (n.d.). Retrieved August 7, 2008, from msnbc.com web ste:


The following 2 exampes don't use Flash but this example could easily be programes in Flash using "hotspots" or rollovers.




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