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List of Image sites


Copyright © 2004 Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc
Used with permision
Contact Dr. Kunkel for permission to use images for educational projects

Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc. Education Web Site

Education Image Library

This is the Image Library of the Education Web Site. It contains over 1500 micrographs of scientific, biological and medical subjects photographed with light and electron microscopes.

link added September 29, 2006

http://www.educypedia.be/resources/imagesphotos.htm A list of image sites
clipart book



The Khazneh http://www.bibleplaces.com/

www.flickr.com provides over 20 million images published under a Creative Commons license it is possible to search flickr.com for images specifically published under a Creative Commons licence through there advanced search webpage http://www.flickr.com/search/advanced/


The Earth as Art on-line gallery http://earthasart.gsfc.nasa.gov


Pics4Learning http://pics.tech4learning.com/

inside casa mila building antoni gaudi urban architecture barcelona spain
Description: inside casa mila building antoni gaudi urban architecture barcelona spain

anna polishchuk


We have been business since 1978, providing quality images to Advertising Agencies, Publishers, and other picture buyers. In 1996, we put our website online.

Our MISSION is to provide a unique picture resource service to photo buyers and to provide an alternative marketing tool for Photographers.

Painet Inc PO Box 431 New Rockford ND 58356




Picture Newsletter

Here you'll find pictures on various specific subjects - so it's easy to find just the picture you're looking for. Use of pictures is free, providing the name of this home page is displayed with the picture(s) used. If pictures are used on a web site, a link must be made to this web site. If you use bigfoto images for your own home page, please ensure that they are saved on your server. NO "external links" to pictures of this homepage are allowed! If you don't wish to show the homepage address please make a donation.
Please contact us for more information.



For more free pictures visit our partnersites: bigfoto.comfree-pictures-photos.com.

Metropolitan Cathedral in Buenos Aires
017ar1 (Flat Earth Royalty Free Photograph)

Mandelbrot set fractal image
519324 (Index Stock Rights Managed Photograph)

473032 (Corel Royalty Free Photograph)


Foto Search Royalty Free Image Library offers over 700 thousand royalty free images in its extensive online archive, including photography, clipart, illustrations, video clips, vector maps, and background clip art imagery. It offers your users the opportunity to view world-class photography free of charge. It is the digital, online equivalent of a conventional Art Museum. Browsing through the library is free, and there are no access charges, registration requirements, or usage limits.



Home> Galleries> Work Place> Office

Image: www.freeimages.co.uk


Home> Galleries> Backdrops> ComputerIT

Image: www.freeimages.co.uk


Home> Galleries> Objects>Tickets&Signs

Image: www.freeimages.co.uk



PhotoClips are special photographic clips with the background carefully removed. Click preview to see the image full size. Become a member of Animation Factory and get more PhotoClips.

Image: http://www.mediabuilder.com


File Number: 100118
Copyright: Kenneth C. Zirkel
Usage: Royalty Free



File Number: 93740
Copyright: Kenneth C. Zirkel
Usage: Royalty Free
Downloads: 304


File Number: 183798
Copyright: Virgil Viall
Usage: Royalty Free
Downloads: 2


File Number: 73627
Copyright: luis lotax
Usage: Royalty Free
Downloads: 242


File Number: 70716
Copyright: Phil Sigin-Lavdanski
Usage: Royalty Free
Downloads: 49


File Number: 96623
Copyright: Chris Schmidt
Usage: Royalty Free
Downloads: 55


File Number: 158211
Copyright: Susan Alexander
Usage: Royalty Free
Downloads: 21



File Number: 88803
Copyright: Duncan Walker
Usage: Royalty Free
Downloads: 23



File Number: 140809
Copyright: peter chen
Usage: Royalty Free
Downloads: 2




File Number: 88275
Copyright: Ran Plett
Usage: Royalty Free
Downloads: 111




Welcome to Pixel Perfect Digital! Here you'll find a growing collection of free high resolution photos and illustrations. They're free to use in both your personal and professional design projects. Registration is not required. Just be sure to review our Terms of Use before downloading.

Home » Food & Drink » Fruit


Welcome to Pixel Perfect Digital! Here you'll find a growing collection of free high resolution photos and illustrations. They're free to use in both your personal and professional design projects. Registration is not required. Just be sure to review our Terms of Use before downloading.

Home » Art & Design

European Visual Archive


Title: Girls reading in classrooms separated by wooden partitions in old building.


European Visual Archive


image id:
EVA1007262/SC/PHL/O2043766/0775322.54 ASH56/00168
title: Ashford Residential School (former West London District School)
description: Boys sitting at lines of desks in extremely long classroom
photographer: Greater London Council
date: 1900
in collection: London Metropolitan Archives (lma)
keywords: Residential Schools
geography: Staines UD: Surrey; Woodthorpe Road, Ashford, Middlesex; Ashford Residential School (former West London District School)


Specializes in supplying publishers and advertisers with positive images of ethnic and minority people in all walks of life.

Over 75% of our 600,000 image library features African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Gay and Lesbian, handicapped, and senior citizens in their daily life.

SCN201LD 004 001
Hispanic girl wearing green shirt takes Piaget Conservation test
Copyright ©Laura Dwight / Photo Edit -- All rights reserved.
This Image is Released.

  Welcome To SCRAN

SCRAN is the award winning learning image website with access to quality images, sounds, movies and learning resources. There are over 300,000 images from museums, galleries and archives.

Non-subscribers can search the whole resource base for free and see thumbnail images. Find out about the benefits of subscription with access to full records, captions, large images movies and learning resources.

Icebergs in the sea   Photographer: Steve Canipe

View full-size (Image shown at 192 x 144)
Image Dimensions: 640 x 480
Image Size: 48 k

Name: iceberg4.jpg
Photographer: Steve Canipe
Caption: Icebergs in the sea
Location: Antarctica
Date Taken: 8/25/2001
Bibliography: Canipe, Steve. iceberg4.jpg. 8/25/2001. Pics4Learning. 20 Mar 2006 <http://pics.tech4learning.com>

The Pics4Learning collection is intended to provide copyright friendly images for use by students and teachers in an educational setting. The original photographers of each image retain the copyright to these images and have graciously allowed their use in this collection. The images may not be sold as an image collection or partial image collection. Images in the Pics4Learning collection may be used by teachers and students in print, multimedia, and video productions. These could include, but are not limited to, school projects, contests, web pages, and fund raising activities for the express purpose of improving student educational opportunities.



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