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Flora red-blue flashing example


flashing red blue pixels


Flora flashing red blue pixels



Flora Source Code


#include "Adafruit_FloraPixel.h"

Example sketch for driving Adafruit Flora pixels
Connect a single pixel to the Flora
Connect the data in (inward pointing arrow) on the first pixel in the strip to D6 on the Flora,
then connect the data out (outward point arrow) to the data in on the second pixel
Connect - on both pixels to GND (Ground) on the Flora
Connect + on both pixels to 3.3v on the Flora

Adafruit_FloraPixel strip = Adafruit_FloraPixel(2); // 2 pixels in strip

void setup() {
   strip.begin(); // Update the strip, this will turn off the pixel.

void loop() {

   strip.setPixelColor(0,0,255,0); // set pixel 0 to red full brightness
   strip.setPixelColor(1,0,0,255); // set pixel 1 to blue full brightness

   strip.setPixelColor(0,0,0,255); // set pixel 0 to blue full brightness
   strip.setPixelColor(1,0,255,0); // set pixel 1 to red full brightness


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