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Photoshop CS3 Tutorials

Photoshop Plugins

The Best Free Photoshop Plugins - Free Photoshop Plugin Downloads

SmartCurve (Curve tool for Photoshop Elements)
A plugin from Alois Zingl that applies and adjusts curves in an image. Originally developed for elements to compensate for its lack of a curve command, but also works in the full vesion of photoshop.
Available for Windows.

Photoshop Edge Effects


Photoshop Tutorial links:

Lynda.comFor Australian Catholic University staff & students

ACU Students and staff now have full access to lynda.com, an online subscription library that teaches the latest software tools and skills through high-quality instructional videos taught by industry experts.


Photoshop Insider Training: Enhancing Photos For Australian Catholic University staff & students

Photoshop Insider Training: Enhancing Photos For Everybody else


Recolorizing a Photograph with Photoshop For Australian Catholic University staff & students






Adobe Photoshop Photo Frame

Lynda.com Photoshop CS3

Beyond Skin: Going Deeper with Photoshop CS3 Intermediate 3:57 06/08
Photoshop CS3 Mastering Lab Color Intermediate 6:26 05/08
Douglas Kirkland: Photographer: Creative Inspirations All 1:15 05/08
Photoshop CS3 for Designers Intermediate 8:56 04/08
Photoshop CS3 Portrait Retouching Techniques Intermediate 8:37 03/08
Photoshop CS3 Portrait Retouching Essentials Intermediate 10:20 03/08
Photoshop CS3 Extended: Research Methods and Workflows Advanced 1:22 02/08
Photoshop CS3 Sharpening Images Intermediate 10:33 02/08
Photoshop CS3 Extended for BioMedical Research Intermediate 5:38 01/08
Photoshop CS3 Channels & Masks: Advanced Techniques Advanced 20:48 11/07
Photoshop CS3 Channels & Masks: The Essentials Intermediate 12:30 09/07
Photoshop CS3 for the Web Essential Training Intermediate 8:25 09/07
Photoshop CS3 Prepress Essentials Intermediate 7:34 08/07
Photoshop CS3 Creative Photographic Techniques Intermediate 10:59 08/07
Photoshop CS3 for Photographers Beginner 13:20 06/07
Photoshop CS3 Color Correction Intermediate 7:14 06/07
Photoshop CS3 Extended for 3D + Video Intermediate 6:20 04/07
Photoshop CS3 One-on-One: Advanced Techniques Advanced 9:36 04/07
Photoshop CS3 One-on-One: Beyond the Basics Intermediate 10:47 04/07
Photoshop CS3 One-on-One: The Essentials Beginner 8:42 04/07
Photoshop CS3 New Features Intermediate 1:35 03/07



If you are looking for a reference or tutorial that you can print then try the following search with Google

site:edu filetype:pdf Photoshop CS3

site:edu filetype:pdf Photoshop CS3

I like the followig PDF files from the above search


You may also find the following Windows shortcut keys hands. If you have a Mac use the Mac version


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