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Raspberry Pi

My 13 year old son introduced me to a new world off small affordable computers and microprocessor boards with a casual comment about a new computer he had heard of called a Raspberry Pi.

After a few quick Google searches I was ordering my first Raspberry Pi and Arduino Leonardo from Adafruit..

Learning to play with these things has been a wonderful experience. I can thoroughly recommend both the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino as both fun and extremely powerful and affordable computer and programming platforms.

When I ordered the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino I thought I would try out the Arduino as a side line, to be honest I have to date spent more time playing with the Arduino than the Raspberry Pi. Probably because I am more familiar with Processing than unix. But I am looking forward to learning more about the Pi as time goes on.



When I bought the Raspberry Pi from Adafruit I bought a copy of Getting Started with Raspberry Pi I would recommend this book as a useful starting text.

It has a nice simple example of how to drive a LED and also how to read a switch, I combined both these examples to build my fire station door warning light prototype.





Installing ScratchGPIO5 software on a Raspberry Pi



The easiest way to play with electronics on your Raspberry Pi




Bret Victor / March 11, 2010



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