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Resizing Images


 Note: in the tutorial I said that I would place a link to some CD Autorun resources here.

Here is the Google serach I did: cd autorun

Take a look at this site:

Autorun CD - How To Autorun HTML and Most Other Files

I also tried this search in google: cd autorun freeware

Here is a list of resources that supply Free Autorun or Autoplay Tools

You can resize images using free online tools such as resize2mail.com or using free image editing programs such as Gimp.

The advantage of using an online site is that you can use any computer connected to the Internet eg in a Youth Hostel etc.

The advantage of using Gimp is that once you have downloaded and installed it, the resizing is faster than using an online tool.

Or you may want to use a batch tool such as Picture Resizer 3.5. The advantage of a batch tool is that it will resize many images in one batch automatically.


In the following example I have used resize2mail


Open resize2mail.com

1) Open resize2mail


Select Browse

2) Browse to the photograph you wish to resize


Choose an image to resize

3) Choose the image you wish to resize


Select size

4) Select the size you wish to resize to and click the okay button


Details of resize

Resize2mail will report on the old & new image and file sizes. In this case there is a saving of around 2 MB in file size


Right click on the image to save it

5) Having resized the image you can save the image to your hard drive.

If you do not want to crop the image right click on the image (not the gray cropping rectangle) and save the file.


resize2mail generates a random file name

Note that Resize2mail will generate a random file name for the new image. In this case the random file name is tmpphpvSldnb.jpg

You may want to rename the file before you save it so that you will recognise the file when you want to use it.



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