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Interactive Whiteboard Manufacturers


There are a large number of different interactive whiteboard manufacturers.

The major players in the educational market are SMART Technologies and Promethian

The type we use at Ballarat are SMARTboards. But the Canberra campus uses a Promethian board.

See Promethean or SMART??? for a discussion regarding these 2 manufactuers.

Personally I have had more experience with SMARTboards than the Promethian board.

SMART technologies





Promethian Board





NextWindow Optical Touch Screens
The Latest in Touch-Screen Technology

NextWindow is an international leader in the development of optical multi-touch technology and the manufacture of optical multi-touch screens, overlays and OEM touch components.


Plasma Screen with NextWindow overlay



New optical touch technology developed in New Zealand converts any flat surface to finger touch, so 2Touch iwb's apply this to standard classroom whiteboards.  That means you can now connect a full size 2.4m wide whiteboard, to any computer and enjoy the benefits of touch based interaction

Manzana Board

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