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Redbubble Stickers

See also a video on how to do this that I recordered using Jing


Did you know that Redbubble now sell stickers!

Check out my new group Cool Stickers

If you have published a T-Shirt design then people can now purchase the design as a sticker.


See Koch Curve VI T-Shirt for an example of how to promote this new feature.

Add a link to your sticker design


This is the process I use to add a linked image to the sticker


Edit the T-Shirt design

1) Edit the T-Shirt design so that you can add to the Description



Show the public view in a new tab

2) Show the Public View in a new tab



Select Buy/Preview

3) Select Buy / Preview


Select the Sticker option

4) Select the sticker option


Copy the URL

5) Copy the URL of the page (in this example it's) http://www.redbubble.com/products/configure/19144007



Even notepad will do

6) Paste the URL into a text editor (I have used notepad)


Add link text

7) Add the text "Available as a sticker":http://www.redbubble.com/products/configure/19144007

Note: You must put a double quote " mark at the begining of the word "Availble and after the word sticker"
and that there is a colon : character between the closing docuble quote and the URL


Just right click on the image in IE and view the properties

8) Using Internet Explorer version 8 Right click on the sticker image and view its properties. Then copy the URL


Paste the URL into an editor

9) Past the URL of the image into the text editor


Add HTML Code

10) Put an exclimation mark ! at the beginning of the URL and another exclimation mark ! at the end of the URL.
then put a colon : after the last exclamation mark and past another copy of the URL for the buy sticker page after the colon


Note there is no space between the exclimation marks and the colon


Code for sticker link

11) Copy the code from the text editor into your T-Shirt description and Update My T-Shirt

Also available as a "sticker":http://www.redbubble.com/products/configure/19144007 from Redbubble:



12) Click Update My T-Shirt and then Show Public View to make sure it works.


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