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EDST102 Kahootz

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Please note: I am no longer a lecturer and this material dates back to 2007

As you work with Kahootz you may think of ways to improve future versions.
Or you may discover issues that you think the designers should consider.
Please list any issues or ideas for improving Kahootz so that we
can pass them on at the end of this Unit.

I have just discovered a excellent online Kahootz tutorial Learning Kahootz 2.0


Chapter 2: Worlds
Chapter 4: Moving Objects
Chapter 6: 3-D Text
Chapter 8 Linking Secenes
Chapter 10: Moving Worlds and Objects Together
Chapter 12: Changing World Appearances



My example Kahootz Xpressions


Kahootz Home Page

Kahootz is a powerful set of 3D multimedia tools that allows students and teachers to be creators, designers, inventors and storytellers. Kahootz is also an active, online community. Kahootz students and teachers can publish their work and exchange, share, collaborate, de-construct and explore with other schools in the Kahootz community. more...

Kahootz Teaching Resources

Looking for simple Kahootz activities to use with your students? The following one-page Teaching Activities take students through the functions of Kahootz. We have included the completed Kahootz Xpression as well as the PDF file for each activity. more...

Kahootz Manuals

Part 1 - Kahootz Installation Guide (796 KB)
This document was last updated in May 2006.

Part 2 - Kahootz Software Manual (3 MB)
This document was last updated in May 2006.

Part 3 - Kahootz Online Manual (2 MB)
This document was last updated in May 2006, and contains many new sections.

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