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IWB Resources


Google search for "Smartboard Resources"

Google search for "SMART Board Resources"

Hi Everybody

Attached is an activity based around gantt charts. I am a complete newby at using the smartboards but thought this might be a good starting point for anyone interested. The activity is the one published some months ago by Mark Kelly re a building project. The early pages of the display are from another source who I cannot credit as I have no information. If you recognise it then thankyou.

The two spreadsheets may not be required but you can use them if needed.
Fiona Bain
Balmoral High


free resources for IWBs



These are resources you can download and use on your IWB:





You can search by key word and narrow by key stage


Find more free resources

Interactive whiteboards

If you use an IWB in your classroom, or are just thinking about it, this is the place to start looking for help, advice and support on how to make decisions and get the most out these valuable classroom assets

evaluations of software and websites specifically related to use on IWBs, plus links through to full evaluations for each title

resources to download and use on your IWB. Over a thousand listed: search by keyowrd or browse by subject

articles on how to get the most from your board, software or peripherals, plus classroom studies and examples of good practise

use of interactive whiteboards by subject find out how to improve the use of ICT in your subject area by using IWBs

board tools - what they do and how to make good use of them - further features available in September 2005

webguide over 40,000 educational resources online and free! Fully searchable and all reviewed by UK teachers

October 29, 2005


skoool.co.uk is a vast educational resource for teachers to use inventively and creatively in the classroom to add extra value to their classroom teaching of Maths and Science.

Using ICT in the classroom can have a high impact on pupils' learning and if you have [Internet] connectivity in the classroom, skoool.co.uk really comes into its own.

Mathematical Toolkit
October 28, 2005


Interactivewhiteboard.net.au aims to be the leading authority on interactive whiteboards and their use in education in Australia. This website is not about sales of products. Rather its aim is to encourage and support teachers and other educators who are committed to interactive learning environments in today’s 21st century classrooms.

October 26, 2005

Notebook software collections are templates and related images developed for use with Notebook software. To access and download collections, select the button below to identify yourself as a user of either the Windows operating system or Mac OS operating system.

Home /  Learning Resources /  Software Resources /  Notebook Collections /  Windows

How to choose an interactive whiteboard

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing an interactive whiteboard. The first consideration has to be whether a whiteboard is the most appropriate presentation technology for your school’s needs and circumstances.

Becta 2003

Planning to purchase an interactive whiteboard

There are some practical and technical issues that you need to consider when planning the ordering and initial installation of interactive whiteboards in a school:

* Access to and visibility of boards
* Projector installation
* Computer and additional hardware
* Cabling
* Computer operating systems
* Speakers
* Health and safety
* Site survey

Software Resources
June 24, 2005

ACTivatED The online education resource for teachers in the ACT
June 21, 2005

Search this site for .xbk files


Smartboard Resources
Crockham Hill C.E. Primary School, Edenbridge, Kent.
June 21, 2005
Resources for the Interactive SMARTBoard
An Internet Hotlist on Resources for the Interactive SMARTBoard

created by Stephanie Moore
Villa Duchesne/Oak Hill School http://www.kn.sbc.com/wired/fil/pages/listresourcest1.html
June 21, 2005

SMART Notebook® files

Art & Design

* Art & Design
* Christmas
* Citizenship
* Design & Technology
* Games
* Geography
* History
* Literacy
* Modern Foreign Languages: French
* Modern Foreign Languages: German
* Modern Foreign Languages: Italian
* Modern Foreign Languages: Spanish
* Music
* Numeracy
* Physical Education
* Polydron Word Builder Plus
* Religious Education
* Science
* Welsh



Art & Design

SMART Education Australia

SMART Education International

SMART Education UK

SMART Education New Zealand

whiteboard connections

IWB Connections



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