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This is a list of reference material and links that I am using in my reasearch on the Pedagogy of using Interactive White Boards.

If you have expereince in using Interactive White Boards and would like to share your expereiencs with me I would be happy to hear from you. See my e-mail address at the bottom of this page.

In July this year I presented a paper on Interactive Whiteboards in Granada.

"Digital Whiteboards: Touching the Future of Teacher Education"





IWB Online Reference Material

IWB Resources

IWB Software & Hardware Vendors

XBK Files




SMART Education Australia

The SMART Education website contains an extensive range of classroom resources including ‘Great ICT Ideas' for using MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel as well as SMART Notebook software ‘Starting Points' files.

Based upon your feedback and our research into ‘ICT in Education', we have also created ‘Training and Support' materials for busy professionals e.g. Online ICT Audit Tools, SMART Board Training & Support Packages, 101 SMART Notebook Ideas CDs, MS Office ‘Hands on Support' CDs and more!

SMART Technologies Inc. is both the industry pioneer and market leader in versatile, intuitive group collaboration tools, including interactive whiteboards, multimedia furniture, whiteboard capture systems and software. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, SMART also has offices in Japan, Germany and Washington, DC.


EDCompass Bulletin Board
Link updated July 16, 2006

Connect with a community of educators who are using SMART products in their classrooms. Share your success stories and inspire your peers. Ask your peers for help in solving obstacles you’re facing in the classroom. Offer your solutions to your peer’s questions.



Link updated July 16, 2006

This is your place to share resources and ideas with educators worldwide. To serve you better, we're moving to a new Web address over the next few months. Visit the developing site at www.education.smarttech.com.



Welcome to IWBNet, your one stop portal to obtain direction and support on the implementation of your Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) program.
Link added July 21, 2006

Interactivewhiteboard.net.au aims to be the leading authority on interactive whiteboards and their use in education in Australia. This website is not about sales of products. Rather its aim is to encourage and support teachers and other educators who are committed to interactive learning environments in today’s 21st century classrooms.


Training Centre Home Page

Training Materials for Microsoft Windows Users

Quick References

These simple, visual tools cover SMART product features on 1-2 pages.

Additional Tools for Educators

These online resources and downloads offer hands-on ideas for using the SMART Board interactive whiteboard in the classroom.


SMART Education Australia
- supporting the needs of learners and teachers

The SMART Education website contains an extensive range of classroom resources including ‘Great ICT Ideas' for using MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel as well as SMART Notebook software ‘Starting Points' files.


SMARTer Kids Foundation of Canada.

Encouragment for children, recognition for teachers and support for schools - these are the principles that guide the SMARTer Kids Foundation of Canada. Since 1997, the SMARTer Kids Foundation has been bringing education technology to classrooms around the world by initiating and sponsoring programs and research that support students, teachers and schools.

To find out more about the SMARTer Kids Foundation and our continued efforts in education, please read the SMARTer Kids Foundation 2003 Report (PDF 674KB).


Welcome to IWBNet, your one stop portal to obtain direction and support on the implementation of your Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) program. As leaders in interactive teaching and learning we offer a suite of services to schools and education bodies to help make the process as smooth and effective as possible.

November 5, 2005
Educator Resources

Maximize your SMART classroom with lesson activities, free software, professional development programs and more.

November 5, 2005
Why Choose a SMART Solution > K - 12 > Higher Ed

November 5, 2005


Number Cruncher software

Number Cruncher
Platform: Windows 98 or higher
Languages: English
NumberCruncher.exe (8.2 MB)


Version 9 Windows PDF (1.07 MB)

A brief guide from University of Melbourne Teaching Spaces Services [PDF 141kb, 2 pages]

A more detailed guide [PDF 1.5MB, 91 pages]



University of Southern California - SMART Board Guidelines

At first glance, the Smart Board may look daunting... Do not worry- everything is fairly simple once you get the basics. Hopefully, by following some of these guidelines, you can utilize the SMART Board to help better enhance the teaching environment in your classroom.

Retrieved November 20, 2005

Middlesbrough Whiteboard Network

'How to' and help guides for a range of software.

SmartBoard Software


Training Matreials for Microsoft Windows Users

Printable Training Materials

Getting Started: Quick Reference Guides

The Basics (PDF 124 KB)
Learn how to orient the interactive whiteboard, control applications and write, erase and save notes using a SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

Hardware Basics for Front-Projection SMART Board™ Interactive Whiteboards (PDF 221 KB)
Learn about basic hardware components, such as the SMART Pen Tray and the Ready Light, for a better understanding about how your SMART Board interactive whiteboard works.

What's New in SMART Board Software 9 (PDF 178 KB)
This Quick Reference Guide provides an overview of the most important changes to SMART Board software 9.

Orienting the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard (PDF 100 KB)
Learn how and when to orient your SMART Board interactive whiteboard.


Version 8 Video Tutorials


Two-Minute Tutorials

Simply follow a link below to watch a Two-Minute Tutorial. You must have Macromedia Flash player installed to watch them.

Touch, Write and Save
This tutorial is a quick introduction to the basics of SMART Board software. You will see how to launch an application with your finger, write on the interactive whiteboard and how you can save your notes.
With voice-over (2.6 MB) | Without voice-over (1.5 MB)

Notebook Software Basics
This tutorial provides an overview of the Notebook software interface, writing in Notebook software and converting handwriting to typed text.
With voice-over (1.8 MB) | Without voice-over (0.9 MB)

Objects in Notebook Software
Watch this tutorial to see how to create, select, move, resize and rotate objects in Notebook software.
With voice-over (3.0 MB) | Without voice-over (1.8 MB)

The Notebook Software Page Sorter
Learn how to create a new page, drag an object from one page to another, name pages and change the page order in your file.
With voice-over (2.5 MB) | Without voice-over (1.8 MB)

The Notebook Software Gallery
Learn how to use the Notebook Software Gallery to help you develop and enhance presentations with rich graphical content.
With voice-over (1.8 MB) | Without voice-over (0.9 MB)


Use SMART Products

How to import Flash activities into Notebook software

Three of the most common ways to import Flash content into Notebook software.

How to Make the Most of SMART Board 9.0 Software

Helpful information for classroom users, technology coordinators and administrators about how to make the most of SMART Board 9.0 software.

How to create a Web page with SMART Ideas software

Create and organize HTML pages that you can upload to a website. With SMART Ideas concept-mapping software it's easy.

How to get started with your SMART Board interactive whiteboard

Start integrating the SMART Board interactive whiteboard into your classroom with this list of useful resources.

How to Maximize Computer Lab Time with SynchronEyes 5.0 software

Learn how the new features of SynchronEyes 5.0 computer-lab instruction software can help you make the most of classroom computer time.

How to Develop Your Software for Integration with a SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard

A free software developer kit (SDK) for software developers creating teaching or research resources.

How to Maximize Your Use of SMART Ideas 4.0 Software

SMART Ideas 4.0 software has a number of new features and a better interface than its predecessors.

How to Choose the Right Interactive Technology: Tablet PCs and Interactive Whiteboards

Learn about the different pedagogical uses for interactive whiteboards and Tablet PCs.

How to Set Up Your SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard Safely

Priory Woods Middle School provides useful tips for setting up your SMART Board interactive whiteboard safely.

How to Use SMART Board 8.0 Software to Increase Interactivity

Find out how to create more interactivity in your lessons with SMART Board 8.0 software..

Activities for the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard on Mac OS X Operating Systems

Educator Bill Ronk shares some tips on how to make lessons interactive with software for Mac OS X systems.

How to Make the Most of Your SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard

Become a SMART expert with our easy-to-use training resources, all free and available online.



Engaging Learners the SMARTboard Way




Student Data

Comments from first year BEd students in week 9 of an ICT course on the Smart Board Interactive Whiteboard [word document 36 KB]

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