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IWB Vendors

Hardware Vendors Australia & New Zeland



2-8 Hoddle Street
Abbotsford Vic 3067
Ph: 1800 622 800
Ph: 03 8413 5700

Bill Papas
Account Manager
Direct: 03 8413 5726
Fax: 03 8413 5790
Mobile: 0437 538 124

Ideal Resources


I thought that you may find it of interest that we have now launched a brand new type of portable Interactive Whiteboard hardware solution in Australia.By portable, I mean that no device or cable needs to attach to the projection surface as it works wirelessly via infra-red. All you do is plug it into a USB port, point it at the projected image (from a projector) and
calibrate 9 green dots like a Smart board. It works with either an extendable E-Pen (included) or an optional stylus E-Pen. Comes complete with software which allows annotation in various styles and colours, a 'save page' feature and pop-up keyboard - similar to Smart notebook.

Price $999 - (special launch offer running at the moment for $899) - Catch - No Mac version available as yet. For more information and a demo video we now have it featured on our website, or alternatively the manufactures website www.onfinity.info <http://www.onfinity.info/> This product was launched globally at BETT (UK ICT Education expo) last month, so is
extremely new everywhere

We think it's a fantastic alternative to 'traditional' IWBs as it offers a fully portable solution at a reasonable price. I think most universities would be interested in such a product as it does not need to be installed in any particular teaching space.

If you require any further info, please let me know. Please feel free to link from your website.

Kind regards

Simon Walsh

Ideal Resources Pty Ltd

p. +61 2 9918 9735
f. +61 2 9918 9713
m. +61 404 797650

email. simon@ideal-resources.com.au

Web. www.ideal-resources.com.au

Manzana Limited

Studio 3,125 Grafton Rd, Grafton, Auckland, NZ
PO Box 34-619, Birkenhead, Auckland, NZ

Telephone: 09-307-1045;
National Toll-Free: 0800-200-121
Fax: 09-307-6570
Email: sales@manzana.co.nz


Interactive Software Vendors


Ideal Resources Interactive Software

If you have an interactive whiteboard it's well worth a look at these resources.
versions online eg Equivalent Fraction Diagram, Flexigons, Estimate, Teaching Measures

Company Overview

Ideal Resources Pty Ltd is Australia’s and New Zealand’s sole leading supplier of Interactive Resources software with almost 200 different activities designed to stimulate, motivate and engage the pupil in a range of Maths subjects.

Ideal Resources supports a huge development programme and all our products are designed by teachers and educationalists to ensure that they continue to respond to the needs of the pupil, teacher and the schools. As we understand the realities of the classroom, we supply quality software that adds real value to the teaching process as well as utilising new technologies to engage the pupil in new diverse learning styles.

As a company we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to supplying and developing high quality software and our commitment to complete customer satisfaction and value for money.


Interactive Whiteboard Vendors World Wide

US Markerboard
Welcome to US Markerboard. We are a family owned and operated company based in the Holbrook, Massachusetts. The owners are a father and son team, Bob and Scott Newman.

US Markerboard is the online leader in the whiteboard and communication board industry. In 1997 we revolutionized the way people purchased whiteboards, chalkboards, and bulletin boards. Up until that point, customers had no other choice but to use a local company for these products. They were limited to the quality and design that the local companies were willing to offer.

US Markerboard
270 Center St. Unit F
Holbrook, MA 02343
ph: 800-791-2946
fx: 781-767-9544



PolyVision Corporation
4888 S. Old Peachtree Rd.
Norcross, GA 30071
Phone: 800-620-POLY
Fax: 770-446-5951

PolyVision Corporation is the global leader in visual communication solutions for collaborative learning environments. In college and university settings, PolyVision provides leading products such as traditional whiteboards, interactive whiteboards, and multimedia whiteboards to enhance the way people learn, work, and communicate.

PolyVision's NEW Impulse™ LTX Multimedia Whiteboard is the latest product in a new category of intuitive products that require no training, peripheral computer, or pre-meeting set-up. LTX meets the needs of users who desire walk-up-and-use simplicity. The LTX serves as an interactive hub for recording, storing, and redisplaying captured notes.



SMART Technologies Inc.
Suite 600 1177 – 11 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2R 1K9

Trying to integrate technology into your teaching? Join thousands of educators using the SMART Board™ interactive whiteboard to teach dynamic computer-based lessons. Help your students succeed in a digital world with the SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

* Touch the interactive whiteboard's surface to access and control any computer application or the Internet.
* Write notes in electronic ink.
* Save notes and images to a computer file.

SMART products let you and your students communicate more effectively through technology. Order your free video CD-ROM to see the SMART Board interactive whiteboard in action. Visit www.smarttech.com/ub or call 1.888.42.SMART.


Virtual Ink Corp. (mimio)
1360 Soldiers Field Rd.
Boston, MA 02135
877.my.mimio (696-4646)

mimio is a portable and affordable device that turns any whiteboard into an electronic whiteboard. Simply attach mimio to any whiteboard, connect to your PC and everything that is written and drawn is electronically recorded so that it can be saved and shared. Class notes, distance learning materials and course aids can be saved and posted to a website, emailed or printed so they can be reviewed by students anywhere, anytime.

Add a projector and mimio also turns that same whiteboard into an interactive touch screen allowing users to control their desktop and applications directly from the whiteboard.


3M Visual Systems Division
6801 River Place Boulevard
Austin, TX 78726-9000

The 3M Digital WallDisplay is an innovative product that integrates multimedia projection, a digital whiteboard and multi-site meeting capabilities into a flat-screen, interactive rojector workboard.

Ideal for interaction in the classroom, the 60" interactive projector and digital whiteboard lets students quickly and easily learn software and more. The collaboration features mean less travel for departmental, cross-campus or off-campus meetings—working with remote colleagues is simple. And because the 3M Digital WallDisplay integrates multiple tools into one, you don't waste time setting up equipment.

Visit our web site today. Learn how the 3M Digital WallDisplay can improve your world. www.mmm.com/meetings/319


Dukane Corporation
2900 Dukane Drive
St. Charles, IL 60174

Dukane offers the longest warranties in the industry for all data/video and overhead projectors, five years for the data/video projectors and lifetime for the overhead projectors. You won't spend a dime for under warranty repairs, thus saving you money.

For over 75 years our affordable, world class lineup of audio/visual equipment including data/video projectors, overhead projectors, document cameras, visual presenters and plasma panels have helped bring learning to life for your classroom, lecture hall, or auditorium. For more information contact Jim
Locascio at 888-245-1966.


“The Interactive Whiteboard People”®

The interactive whiteboards by Numonics are “helping to unite people with their creative ideas.”

Numonics offers a wide family of collaboration tools for use in the education, training presentation and conferencing markets. From small interactive tablets to large whiteboard screens to plasma overlays, Numonics’ interactive whiteboards help to save time, increase interactivity and improve communication.




Products for use with Interactive Whiteboards

STEP-UP Fold away platform for Education whiteboards

Wall Mounted PROJECTOR BOOM ARM for overhead projectors in Education.



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