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Active and Passive Voice

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Passive Voice

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Try to avoid passive voice when writing to selection criteria or your Philosophy.

The following sentence is written in a passive voice:

Students are taught to encourage their peers through helpful questioning and develop behaviours to foster a safe and happy learning environment.

Try changing it to an active voice eg:

I teach my students to encourage their peers through helpful questioning to develop behaviours that foster a safe and happy learning environment.

Avoid using the word “hence”

Students need to be engaged in their learning; hence within my classroom I provide real life learning experiences that are relevant to the students’ lives. (25 words)

Changing this to active voice helps to remove this problem:

When teaching I engage students in learning through the use of relevant real life learning experiences. (16 words)

Keep sentences short and to the point. Any sentence over 40 words is suspect. Anything over 50 words is too long.

One long sentece

Lifelong learning is an aspect that my classroom will encourage and I as a role model to students will support this, as I continue to learn and reflect throughout my own life, professionally and personally. (35 words)

Replaced with 2 shorter ones

I value and encourage lifelong learning. As a teacher I continually learn from and reflect on my own teaching, when teaching I consistently model this behavour to my students. (29 words)


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