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Arduino Distributors

The official list of Arduino Distributors

Company Country Rating


Adafruit USA 3/5

Make some interesting Arduino products the Flora & Gemma look interesting

I purchase from them often, once during shipping a 5v motor went missing from a hole in the package. They said they would replace it but they have yet to do so That was 3 months ago. Good range of interistig products.

Australian Rootics Australia   Have a good range of products
Elec Freaks China  

They have some interesting shields I have just made my first purchase 3 May 2013

1 ea. GPRS/GSM Shield -EFCom
  • Add Adapter - None
  • Add Antenna - 4 Frequency Antenna
  • Add LCD5110 - LCD5110 Black on White
$52.00 US
freetronics Australia   Manufacture Adruino compatiable boards look interesting
Littlebird Electronics Australia 4/5 An Australian distributor. Fast shipping and secure packaging. They sell some of the Adafruit range but not all.
seeedstudio China 4/5 Check out their Grove range it's very easy to use. I am a big fan of the Grove products plug-in-play for Arduino
Sparkfun Electronics USA   Make a range of Arduino boards



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