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MicroWorlds Programs by David Dimsey

The following programs are written by David Dimsey. David teaches at The Geelong College.

He has kindly given me permission to publish these applications to the Internet.

Thanks David.


tictactoe.mw2 47 KB

Noughts & Crosses

affine.mw2 21 KB

AffineCipher.doc 723 KB
Contains the source code and extensive documentation fro the above application.


The code below is a computerised affine cipher system written in MicroWorlds Pro. The program creates its own interface from scratch – there is no need to create buttons, text boxes, etc and set their properties; simply enter the text below into the procedures area of MW Pro, and then type startup into the Command Centre.
The danger with this approach is that if the program is saved with the interface and all its objects, the program will generate error messages the next time it is run because the interface objects will already exist and the program will be unable to create them. This is the reason for the exit button – to remove the interface objects before saving the program.
A set of notes describing the operation of affine ciphers has been included at the end of this document.

henon.mw2 21 KB

Henon Attractor

to step
  setpos se
  (200 * (1 + :wye - 1.4 * :ecks * :ecks))
  (300 * (0.3 * :ecks))
  pd fd 0 pu
  make "ecks xcor / 200
  make "wye ycor / 300

to reset
  make "ecks 0.2
  make "wye 0.1

to doit
  repeat iterations[step]

rally.mw2 25KB


to startup

to setup
  pu home seth 90
  time, ct

to doit
  forever [fd 1 settime timer / 10 check]

to check
  if colorunder = 45
    [bk 10 rt sum int turn / 2 random int(turn / 2)]
  if colorunder = 55
    [bk 10 lt sum turn / 2 random int(turn / 2)]
  if colorunder = 9
    [settime se timer / 10 "sec stopall]

SharkAttack.mw2 63 KB

Sunken Treasure

You are a diver, in search of sunken treasure. Use the arrow keys to move around.

Keep away from the sharks and the sea snakes!
Collect the piles of gold!

Click anywhere in the ocean to start the game.

ShiftCombined.mw2 15 KB

The "Shift" Cipher

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