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MicroWorlds Logo (Turtle Graphics) Links & Examples


See: Elica Logo a 3d logo program


MicroWorlds is published by LCSI a demonstration version is available from the MicroWorlds website.

MicroWorlds EX Robotic Examples

LOGO why is it a turtle?

PDF MicroWorlds 2.0 User's Guide (77 Pages) 462KB

My MicroWorlds Logo Notes

My MicroWorlds Plugins

My Introduction to Turtle Graphics

My Elements of Programming LOGO

MicroWorlds Vocabulary printable listing of all MicroWorlds primitives with descriptions, examples, and hyperlinks to projects using each term. http://mia.openworldlearning.org/voctable.htm


MicroWorlds BoxDownload MicroWorlds Pro Download MicroWorlds Demo

Example Google search

Google search for: microworlds games


Google search for "Microworlds resources "

Try the following searches on google.com

"MicroWorlds examples"
"MicroWorlds pedagogy"
"MicroWorlds in the classroom"
"MicorWorlds for kids"
MicroWorlds free
MicroWorlds shareware
MicroWorlds Papert
"MicroWorlds for primary"
"MicroWorlds is fun"


You will turn up lots of resources for MicroWorlds on the Web if you look.


10 mm grid for drawing pirates maps etc on when introducing Logo to students before moving to a Computer

10 mm grid fine lines Fine lines pdf file 3 KB   Corel Draw File 16 KB Links fixed May 5, 2007

10 mm grid medium lines Medium lines pdf file 3 KB   Corel Draw File 16 KB

10 mm grid with coordinates With coordinates pdf file 5KB   Corel Draw File 19 KB

See also my MicroWorlds tutorial page.


Note: I have split my example MicroWorlds applications into the following categories
~ Some projects appear in more than one category~ :


Animations Animated horse race
Fractals MicroWorlds LOGO Mandelbrot
Input & Control Switches
Maths Projects
Example May 31, 2006
MicroWorlds crowd
Programming Examples Incrementing a counter
Simulations MicroWorlds Rainbow Simulation
Student Projects Body Bits
Example April 8, 2005
Controling Turtles
Turtle Graphics Animated Spirals


MicroWorlds Programs by

David Dimsey

David teaches at The Geelong College

I could not figure out in which category to place this example.

drawn by a 4 year-old

4yo.zip 8KB Ziped with Winzip  from www.winzip.com use winzip to unzip

No code in this example.

This was drawn by a 4 year-old who loves playing with MicroWorlds.

MicroWorlds can be used simply as a drawing program before the concept of programming turtles is introduced.

Random Microworlds Links:

Going in Circles local copy / MIT copy

These projects were all created using LCSI Microworlds which is available as a free download. You will need this facility if you wish to look "behind the scenes" at my projects.

Learning with Logo

LOGO as a Programming Language for Educational Applications - Jim Andris, Southern Illinois University.

Robotics Resources for Educators Using Programmable LEGO Materials

Stager, G. S. (1996). Laptops, Logo and Learning. Retrieved May 31, 2006 from http://www.stager.org/articles/laptopsandlogo.html

Logo 15-word challenge






Download the demo version

MicroWorlds Pro Demo local copy for fast download
15-Day Trial Demo Download

Please note that this is the Pro version of MicroWorlds
The interface is a little different than the version we have installed in T 316
It is able to read and write the same files as version 2.03
This trial version will enable you to work on the Microworlds Project from home.


Using MicroWorlds and AppleWorks Spreadsheets to Explore Geometry Concepts

What is MicroWorlds?

dmoz open directory project logo links A list of sites that have Logo Programming Language usage, lesson plans and tutorials.



Design a Computer Game - August 12-16, 2002 Ages 9-12

MicroWorlds... A Programming Language

What is Logo?

"Logo is the name for a philosophy of education and a continually evolving family of programming languages that aid in its realization."
- Harold Abelson
Apple Logo, 1982


logosurvey.co.uk is a website devoted to Logo and Turtle Graphics
it is an excellent collection of logo resources

Logo Update is the newsletter of the Logo Foundation. Subscriptions are free.

Selected LOGO Bibliography
http://www.beva.org/maen508/intro/biblio.htm - This page has a long list of Logo links and a good bibliography as well.


Going in Circles This is a very interesting interactive essay using Microworlds

What is a circle? When you see a circle, how do you know it's a
circle? When you want to make a circle, how do you do it?


A Microworld is a term coined at the MIT Media Lab Learning and Common Sense Group . It means, literally, a tiny world inside which a student can explore alternatives, test hypotheses, and discover facts that are true about that world. It differs from a simulation in that the student is encouraged to think about it as a "real" world, and not simply as a simulation of another world (for example, the one in which we physically move about in).

E-Slate Microworld Samples
In these pages (1-4) you can find and download various samples of Microworlds constructed with E-Slate. To use them, you have to first download and install E-Slate from the Download area. After that you may open Microworlds (.mwd files) from within E-Slate. Alternatively, you can double-click on these files to launch E-Slate. Note that in some cases Microworlds are accompanied by various multimedia assets (packed in .zip files) which should always be kept at the relative file locations indicated by the installation file structure.

OWL's MicroWorlds in Action website (MIA) is a collection of MicroWorlds projects, lessons, and other resource materials for developing Logo programming skills.



Conference Papers

Logo from the Kindergarten to the University Level

local mirror

Our main goal for teaching informatics from kindergarten to university level for children and for students is to make learning fun and motivating. Sometimes it is necessary to teach informatics without computer and sometimes with computer. One of the biggest advantages of Logo is that it can suit all ages.

Books about LOGO & Classroom computing

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Papert, S. (1993). The children's machine: Rethinking school in the age of the
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Papert, S. (1996). The connected family: Bridging the digital generation gap.
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