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TJ853 Information and Communication Technologies

The eminent scholar, Professor Phil Race noted from his observations
that, “Most of a student’s learning-by-doing does not happen in the presence of their
teachers, but on their own or, better still in small groups of fellow students”.

see: http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/assets/documents/resources/database/id475_learning_in_small_groups.pdf


TK 423 Written Critique - MicroWorlds Team Project

Unit Description 2005

Learning Tasks:

Learning Task Assessed by Assessment Due %
Identifying resources and practices associated with effective learning and emerging ICT's Rupert Russell Annotated literature review Week 6
Monday August 29, 2005.
Acquiring skills in the application of ICT in a learning setting Rupert Russell Criteria based workshop activities Weekly 20%
Evaluation of a curriculum application, derived from ICT, for a P-10 learner Clem Barnett Project task structured around agreed guidelines developed in negotiation with teams. Week 8 60%

Details of Workshop activities worth 20% of total assessment

TJ 853 Workshop Tasks

Week 1) Digital Photographs


· Create a 360 degree Panorama using Ulead COOL 360
    See: Example Panorama &
            27 Panoramic images from the top of Mt Buninyong Fire Tower

            Ulead COOL 360 http://www.ulead.com/cool360/

· Manipulate 5 photographs using Paint Shop Pro
    See: Using Paint Shop Pro to preserve privacy on the Internet

· Create an electronic portfolio of 5 images consisting of thumbnails linked to full size images.
    See: Paint Shop Pro Notes for details of how to resize images &
            DreamWeaver Notes for details of how to insert images and links on web pages.


Week 2) Animations


Week 3) Audio

· Record and manipulate an audio file using GoldWave. GoldWave is available from www.goldwave.com

GoldWave http://www.goldwave.com

GoldWave is a comprehensive digital audio editor. It is currently rated as one of the best on the ZDNet Software Library,
receiving 5 stars! It contains so many great features, you will be amazed by all the things it can do.

A local copy of Goldwave 4.26 is available for fast downloading.

4) MicroWorlds Group Project

Note: don't forget the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). Do not get caught up with creeping featurism. This is when programmers keep adding more and more features to a program often loosing sight of the original purpose, or simply overwhelming the user with choice.

Your task with this group project is to produce a simple application that assists with teaching one learning outcome from any CSF II Level & KLA.

So pick something easy to implement and don't spend more than a day developing the application outside of tute time. Time will be available in the tutorial sessions for developing, debugging & testing applications. Use other groups as usability testers. The best way to find out if a program works or not is to simply ask someone to use it. Give them the absolute minimum instructions and watch what they do. Usually they will find ways of breaking it that you had never dreamed of...

See my example produced for CSF II level 1 maths learners. Note this program would be used by a teacher working either one-to-one or in small groups when discussing terms such as. Above, Below, Left, Right, In Front, Behind, as well as naming simple shapes & colours.


maths1.zip 20KB Ziped with Winzip  from www.winzip.com use winzip to unzip

; Author: Rupert Russell
; e-mail: rupert.russell1@gmail.com
; URL: http://www.rupert.id.au/microworlds

; Purpose: To generate a random collection of turtles
; to promote discussion of mathematical concepts.
; e.g.
; Q. Tell me where the start is? A. Above the car.
; Q. Where is the girl?          A. In front of the house.

; Children can also click & drag turtles on the screen in response to instructions.
; e.g.
; Move the red circle below the swan.
; Move all the animals above the car.
; Put both fishes together.

; Note to you may add or remove turtles as you wish
; but do not remove the turtle named t_star.

; Key Learning Area (KLA): Mathematics
; CSF II Level: 1
; Strand: Space
; KIDMAP Code: MAMA0105

; Learning Outcome: 1.5
; Use and understand simple everyday location words
; to follow and give an oral direction.
; Learning Indicator: Describe where an item is placed
; (e.g. under the table).

; Created: July 25, 2004 - version 1
; This program may be freely used and modified
; for educational purposes as long as this notice
; remains intact.

to go
  ;-------- This procedure sets the shape of each turtle
  ; to a random shape. It then moves each turtle
  ; to a random position on the screen making sure
  ; that each turtle is not too close to the side
  ; of the screen.
  ; It then changes the shape of the turtle "t_star
  ; back to a star. This way there will always be
  ; a single star on the screen.

  everyone [pu]
  everyone [setsh (random 62) + 1] ; only uses 62 turtles
  everyone [setx (random 335) - (random 335)+ 5] ; random x  
  everyone [sety (random 176) - (random 176)+ 5] ; random y

  talkto "t_star setsh "star                     ; make sure                                                  ; there is                                                  ; always a
                                                 ; star


See: Details of Workshop activities for full details of the Group Project

My writeup of the Group Projects - A work in progress due August 20, 2004

Each task will be published to the www by the due date.


See: Details of Workshop activities for full details of the Group Project

Appendix 3 MicroWorlds Teaching Notes, Examples & Links:

Introduction to Turtle Graphics

My Microworlds Logo Notes

The Official MicroWorlds user manual

Example LCSI MicroWorlds Projects

MicroWorlds Logo Links & Examples


Appendix 4 2004 Student Projects

Group 1 - The Butterfly Life Cycle

MicroWorlds Project - The Butterfly Life Cycle

The Butterfly Life Cycle - 75% scale reduction.


MicroWorlds Project - Butterlfy Life Cycle with tech boxes displayed

The Butterfly Life Cycle - Showing all text boxes - 75% scale reduction.

MicroWorlds Project - The Butterfly Life Cycle - mixed

The Butterfly Life Cycle - Mixed - 75% scale reduction.

butterfly.mw2 butterfly.zip butterfly.exe

Table 3. Group 1 Student Project - The Butterfly Life Cycle


Group 2 - Ordering Corners

Shapes - Mixed - 75% scale reduction.

Shapes - Checked - 75% scale reduction.

shapes2.mw2 shapes2.zip shapes2.exe

Table 4. Group 2 Student Project


Group 3 - Ordering Size

MicroWorlds Project - Ordering Shapes - mixed

Ordering Size - 75% scale reduction.


Ordering Size - Checked - 75% scale reduction.

shapesfinal.mw2 shapesfinal.zip shapesfinal.exe


Table 5. Group 3 Student Project

Group 4 - Maths Sentence

Maths Sentence - Reset - 75% scale reduction.

Maths Sentence - After animation - 75% scale reduction.

horses.mw2 horses.zip horses.exe

Benjamin Fahey 2152677
Josh CARRACHER 2152285
Andrew CLEMENTS 2152378

Table 6. Group 4 Student Project

Group 5 - Turtle Home


Table 7. Group 5 Student Project

Individual Project - The Race


Table 8. Individual Student Project



Teaching resources

See Examples of Students work


Animation by Julie Le Blanc Smith


Jarod's SWF
By Jarod Frame aka Framey Flash SWF File

animation by Rebecca Smith

BOM Radar - scale 33%

33% reduction - 2 hour sequence
Full sized animation (211 KB)

Source: Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology > Radar Images

See the following websites for other uses of animated gif's

Mars Mission flipbook http://nmp.jpl.nasa.gov/ds2/mission/images/ds2_flipbook.gif

Stephen J. Reynolds: Geologic Scenery Images > Deposition of Layers and Erosion into a Canyon http://geology.asu.edu/~sreynolds/geologic_scenery/layers_mesa_animated.gif

Diffusion and Osmosis http://www.biologycorner.com/bio1/diffusion.html#

Here Comes the Sun.... http://science.nasa.gov/newhome/headlines/ast09apr97_1.htm

CoPlot's Animated Graphs and Drawings http://www.cohort.com/coplotanimation.html

Mathew in chrome Digital Manipulations by Mathew


Audio by Fiona

Steven enhanced



What's the big idea? Toward a pedagogy of idea power
by S. Papert


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