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Fractals Lesson Plan

The most famous fractal is the Mandelbrot set The Mandelbrot Set



Who am I?
What are fractals?
PowerPoint of Natural fractals (12.37 MB)
Drawing fractals Koch curve
Drawing a Koch snowflake
Koch Snowflake (Java)
Drawing a fractal trees
Fractal tree (Java) Binary Tree
Fractal trees (Java) Fractal Tree 2

More fractal trees using Processing

Does not work with Internet Explorer

Interactive turtle tree (Java) Fractal tree
What use are fractals?
PowerPoint of Fractals from Space (22.39 MB)
XaoS (Download this to install at home)
XaoS Controls
Guess what PowerPoint (11 MB)

Ultra Fractal 2.04 (Download this to install at home)

Ultra fractal Notes PDF instruction for installing & using Ultra Fractal (11 Pages)
Configure Ultra Fractal
Increase fractal size
Increase Iterations
Gradient Map
Cycle Colours
Export Image... Ctrl + E
Other fractals

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