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Last Month I purchased a Pulse Smartpen manufactured by a company called Livescribe.

The main drawbacks that I have noticed with the smartpen relate to the desktop software (I am running the latest windows version). It is rather "flaky", for example it will fail to download the audio associated with a page for many sync sessions and then for no apparent reason the audio will finally download. Downloading the text from a notebook is much more reliable. The main issues is with downloading the audio.

Once the pages have been downloaded they can be converted to PDF which works fairly well. Pages with audio can also be uploaded to the web and held in your own Livescribe account. This process is also a little "flaky" I have found it difficult at times to upload the range of pages I wanted to. It would consistently upload the last page in the range and not the whole sequence of pages.

Apart from that the pen itself works well when playing back audio associated with a page. Once the audio is downloaded to the PC it will play in sync with the text. It's just getting to to download that can be tricky.


July 1, 2010

Today I am going to install MyScript for Windows and evaluate its usefulness. If it works as well as I hope it will I will purchase a copy.





Hello World
brought to you by Livescribe
PDF versionPDF version of this page
6.25.2010 11:22 PM
brought to you by Livescribe

6.25.2010 11:48 PM
brought to you by Livescribe


As you can see my handwriting leaves a bit to be desired.

6.25.2010 11:53 PM
brought to you by Livescribe


More Pencasts

Roberts, D. (2009). Lesson 98 teaching text geometry. Retrieved from http://www.livescribe.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/LDApp.woa/wa/MLSOverviewPage?sid=lsr0g09jSpPX




See Wired Demo

The Pulse Pen is a note taker's dream. This smart pen remembers every movement and sound it hears.




itmadesimple | July 17, 2009 | 0:45
The basics about the Livescribe pen which can be purchased from ITmadeSimple in Australia @ http://bit.ly/u9cns



wmacphail | December 06, 2009 | 4:34

Wayne Mach reviews the Livescribe pen from Pulse for mondoville.com


ebigant | September 19, 2008 | 2:13
Paper Replay applications for students in colleges and universities




LIVESCRIBE.COM 7677 Oakport Street, 12th Floor Oakland, CA 94621 office 510.777.0071 fax 510.777.0159
Corporate Backgrounder




Paper-Based Computing


New smartpen and paper to help teach blind college students

Physorg.com (2007). New smartpen and paper to help teach blind college students Retrieved from http://www.physorg.com/news115908934.html

Subjects like physics, calculus and biology are challenging for most students, but imagine tackling these topics without being able to see the graphs and figures used to teach them. A new smartpen and paper technology that works with touch and records classroom audio aims to bring these subjects to life for blind students.


A Review of Scientific Evidence Demonstrating the Effectiveness
of Smartpen Technologies for Improving Teaching and Learning


Andrew Van Schaack, Ph.D.
Vanderbilt University


Note Taking and Sharing with Digital Pen and Paper.

In-Class Observations: Quick Data Collection with Non-Linear Access to Audio for Subsequent Assessment and Reporting


Steimle, J., Brdiczka, O., & Mühlhäuser, M. (2009). Collaborative Paper-based Annotation of Lecture Slides. Educational
Technology & Society, 12
(4), 125–137.



Similar Technology

NoteLook: Taking Notes in Meetings with Digital Video and Ink



Longitudinal Studies of Augmented Notebook Usage Informing the Design of Sharing Mechanisms
Brian Lee1, Heidy Maldonado2, Scott R. Klemmer1, Isabelle Kim1, Paz Hilfinger-Pardo1
1 Stanford University HCI Group
Computer Science Department
Stanford, CA 94305-9035
{balee, srk, paz, ihk}@cs.stanford.edu
2 Stanford University HCI Group
School of Education
Stanford, CA 94305



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