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Smartpen issues



The latest version of My Livescribe Desktop Configurator solves installation issues, please go to
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If you still have problems, please install Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1 from
prior to installing My Livescribe Desktop Configurator.

If you're still stuck, please send me an email with screenshots at m.bagnol -at- nodewave.com



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PCMAG.com Review
LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen


September 2, 2009

The desktop software checks for updates over the internet. This cannot be disabled. Fair enough - they have some ‘online pen lovers’ community thing going and everyone is wired these days. But at work I have a firewall (like most schools, offices, hospitals, libraries, coffee shops - okay everywhere but home). The CHECK for updates works - but the UPDATE ITSELF does not work through a firewall. This happens EVERY TIME YOU CONNECT THE PEN TO THE PC - EVERY TIME. YOU CANNOT DISABLE IT. YOU HAVE TO CLICK ‘DECLINE’. Then it asks you if you REALLY want to decline the update you just declined. Yes - you have to click twice every time you connect the pen. Now I’m mad. So I send an email to tech support. They say that it’s not their problem - they send me links to other frustrated users who have written their own software to try and correct the issue. This doesn’t correct my issue, but then again it’s just another frustrated user trying to be helpful. So I send more email to the Livescribe support staff. They stop returning my emails. These are not CAP LOCK email, these are polite but firm requests for help. I even offer to beta test software if they have something that they think might help! I post on the Livescribe blog - within seconds (really!) I get a reply telling me that they can help and I can expect some support soon. Then they also stop replying to my email - and they disable commenting on their blog. No kidding. I’m not sure what to do now.




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