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Ws-FTP Notes

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How to download and install Ws-FTP
How to Publish files to your University Webpage


Starting Ws-FTP
Publishing file(s)
Problems with Ws-FTP

Login failure
Ws-FTP time out - disconnection
Running out of disk space
You ftp a file and then can not see any changes.

Information Services Information Sheets Using Ws-FTP

Starting Ws-FTP


To start Ws-FTP in the
Education Computing Lab
Room T316

Start | Programs | Applications | Internet | Ws_ftp



Start | Programs | Applications | Internet | Ws-ftp

To start Ws-FTP in
General Computing Labs
eg. labs 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9

Start | Programs | The Internet and Email | WS_FTP LE


Check that Host Name/Address: reads

Note if using Ws-FTP from home this
should be set to:

2 Enter User ID as student number
Enter Ws-FTP Password. Note this password is case sensitive and requires both numbers & letters.
Click OK

Double click on the public_html folder in the Remote System window

See Golden Rule number 5.



Only files published into the public_html folder appear on the Web.

The Remote system runs on a UNIX system. UNIX is case sensitive which means that the following:


are three completely separate files as far as UNIX is concerned.

Web browsers such as Netscape and Internet Explorer do not recognise spaces in file names.

Using spaces in file name is the most common cause of broken links and missing images.

Publishing file(s)

Select the file(s) you wish to publish.
Transfer the file to the Remote System window by pressing on the button.


Problems with Ws-FTP

Login failure.

The most likely cause of login failure is an incorrect UNIX password.

Press the Connect button and try again. Remember that UNIX is case sensitive so User ID and password should be entered in the correct case.

The user ID is always lower case the password will be in the case it was when you first entered it.

The password for Ws-FTP will always have a mix of numbers and letters in the first 6 characters.




Login incorrect

Ws-FTP will time out - disconnect - after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Press the Close button. The button changes to press the button and enter your User ID and password and press OK.








Timeout (900 seconds)

Running out of disk space.

Reports 452: Error writing file: Disc quota exceeded.

This message will appear if you have exceeded the space allocated to you on the www server.

Delete unnecessary files from the remote system and try again, if this does not fix the problem ask your tutor to request additional disk space.

Note: the disk space allocated to the www is typically 5Mb.



Disc quota exceeded

You ftp a file and then can not see any changes.


There are 4 main reasons why this happens.

1) You forgot to save the file before you FTP'd it. See: web page life cycle step 2.

2) You forgot to reload or refresh the browser. See: web page life cycle step 4.

3) You FTP'd the wrong file. This is more common that you might think.
When creating links to a file people often forget to FTP the Web page with the link & the file that the link points to.

4) You did not open the public_html folder before you FTP'd the file. See: Step 5 of Starting Ws-FTP


Created: December 01, 2001
Last modified: September 6, 2006

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