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Game Maker 5 Examples & Links

See also my Game Maker 6 Examples & Links

Schoolgamemaker (link fixed May 12, 2008)
A website about programming games at school

Game Maker 5 created Mark Overmars is an excellent shareware program that makes it easy to create your own PC games. There are many websites with examples and tutorials online. The best place to start is by visiting the Game Maker website.

Download a local copy of Game Maker 5 3,481 KB


Hi rupert.id.au,
I spend my summers volunteering at a youth center with a science program for kids and I came across http://www.rupert.id.au/tutorials/gamemaker5/index.php while teaching the kids some fun and educational things about modern day machinery as part of their project.  

They thought it was really cool when I showed them some simple machines that they could make!  I wanted to write to say thank you for the informative info on your website, the kids loved it!

One of the kids, Marcus, did some research on his own and helped to create this page about simple machines - http://intellaparts.com/an-overview-of-simple-machines.html
I wanted to write to see if you could add a link to his simple machine article on your web page? I would like to show the kids that by simply asking they can help to make the web an even better resource than it already is.

Thank you very much in advance!

Dear Jackie,

Thanks for your email.

I am more than happy to add a link to Marcus's page about simple machines. Please pass on my thanks and let him know that I like the fact that he has used images from wikimedia commons. One comment that you may wish to pass on to Marcus is that he may want to change his links so that they "don't break the back button" see the following article for an explanation of why opening links in new tabs is not allays a good idea.

Kind regards,





My Examples


February 22, 2005

normal_distribution.gmd 20 KB
normal_distribution.zip 13 KB
GNU License.txt 18 KB

Published under the GNU GPL

Simulates falling balls.

Generates a normal distribution curve.



<s> stops
<r> restarts
<c> clear

March 12, 2005

dice.gmd 17 KB
GNU License.txt 18 KB

Published under the GNU GPL

Rolls 2 dice and adds the value of each.

Based on an example from http://www.ladimaco.com/GameMaker/examples.html

With ideas from code at http://www.dayjoaspen.com/

March 15, 2005

ultradev.gmd 289 KB
GNU License.txt 18 KB

Published under the GNU GPL

A work in progress
The Ultradev game will be designed to assist in teaching 1st year students to publish web pages using Dreamweaver UltraDev.


March 21, 2005

shooter1.gmd 118 KB
shooter2.gmd 119 KB March 24, 2005
GNU License.txt 18 KB

Published under the GNU GPL

Based on: Triple07 by Zac B year 6 2003 From The Haileybury College, Edrington - Computer Club

Person 1

<up arrow>    move up
<down arrow>  move down
<left arrow>  move left
<right arrow> move right
<shift>       fire
<enter>       shield

Person 2

<w>           move up
<s>           move down
<a>           move left
<d>           move right
<space>       fire
<g>           shield

April 6, 2005

MindReader.gmd 155 KB
MindReader.exe 1,623 KB
MindReader.zip 948 KB
GNU License.txt 18 KB

Published under the GNU GPL

Based on the Flash Mind Reader psychic.swf by Andy Naughton

"Reads you mind"

1) Chose and two-digit number (41)
2) Add both digits together (4 + 1 = 5)
3) Subtract the sum from the original number
    (41 - 5 = 36)
4) look up the symbol for 36
5) Click on the read your mind button


A small collection of sprites Link fixed July 27, 2006

Other Examples

Tony Forster has some very interesting examples
Link added July 7, 2006

Game Maker Mandelbrot Set Game Maker Lissajous

I have converted the following examples by Larry to Game Maker versions 5
In the process I added a few features to some of the examples and corrected the odd bug. A nice range of simple Game Maker 4 examples use the conversion program to convert to GM5 and open with a copy of GM 5.3A (3.4 MB) Link added March 16, 2005

Google search for examples

Demonstrations GM5

Clickball tutorial


Welcome to DAYJOASPEN.COM please feel free to look around and enjoy the resources available, If you find a broken link or some other sort of error and would like to report it, just click the Contact link on the left hand side, or email me at mail @ dayjoaspen.com http://www.dayjoaspen.com/



Welcome to Game Maker Games, a site devoted to Game Maker, the superlative game creation program by Mark Overmars (you can download Game Maker here).

This is the home of the Monster Game Archive, which we try to make the most complete listing of Game Maker creations available. And we have many other things here as well.
So stay a while...stay forever >:)! http://www.gamemakergames.com/



The incredible machine is a game I have created for the first official GM competition. The goal was to make a game with a limited set of given resources without the possibility to add new resources to the game. This game won the 6th place. This game is available as open source and executable. http://games.simondonkers.com/index.php?mode=games


Game Learning

Welcome to my PhD homepage, which contains information about myself and my research into the educational potential of computer games. However, the main body of this site is devoted to providing free information and resources for teaching children how to make computer games in clubs and schools. http://www.gamelearning.net/


Haileybury College

The following games were created by students of Haileybury College, Edrington campus, Berwick Victoria Australia. They were created with Gamemaker 5.0 http://online.haileybury.vic.edu.au/sites/edrington/computerclub/index.html


GameMaker Examples

These examples have been written to help others learn how to do various things with GameMaker. Most of these were written to answer one or more questions posted in the GameMaker forums. These may not be the best way to do what they are doing, but they might help you. Feel free to make use of anything you find here in your own games.



Game Maker has been written to make it easier for people to design and make their own computer games. Though you may not be able to make games like Quake (they take teams of programmers years to make), you can still make games that are lots of fun to play. Plenty of people love to play Tetris, Pacman and other simple platform, puzzle or shooting games. These are the style of game that you will be able to make using Game Maker



An example is a bare-bones program, containing just enough code or actions to get the desired effect. You are expected (read: I made it for you to...) to study the code, or if you don't feel like studying, to copy it or build your game from the example.


GM Upload

GM 5 Links

Demonstrations GM5
link added July 7, 2006


Other GM Links

Schoolgamemaker (link fixed May 12, 2008)
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