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> TD 700/701 Information Technology Curriculum I

TD 700/701 Information Technology Curriculum I

Any special notes for TD00-701 students will appear here:

Student List 2005 (UoB Intranet only) Intranet login > Intranet login & jump to student list

Example Home page

2005 Workshop tasks & assessment

School Experience Comments ~ Comments from Assessment of School Experience 2003


SOFWeb http://www.sofweb.vic.edu.au

Assessment Tasks 2005

Lesson Plans

CSF Assessment Rubric
VCE Assessment Rubric

For the VCE Lesson Plan(s) please plan your lesson(s) to address 3 of the Key knowledge areas for VCE Unit 1: Information Technology Outcome 1

See the VCE Study Design (PDF - 402KB) page 14




Home > P-10 Curriculum and Standards > Interdisciplinary Learning > Information and Communications Technology

Introduction to the Victorian Essential Learning Standards

Information and Communications Technology

  Action verbs for lesson objectives
  Lesson Plan Proforma
  Lesson Plan Example
e-mail distribution lists

Forest Hill College e-mail distribution lists


Presentation topics & dates

Student home pages

Example panorama


MicroWorlds demo

2005 Timetable


Week 1 Creating and Publishing Webpages

Webpage Lifecycle

FTP Tutorial (Required Macromedia FLASH player)
FLASH Source for above FTP Tutorial

Web page life cycle

Web page life cycle
CorelDRAW 10 Version 1 page, 467 KB

PDF PDF Version 1 page: 558 KB


Change your default Web Server ~Velorum~ password using Telnet

Use Dreamweaver to create a TD 700/701 Webpage

Use Ws-FTP to upload the Webpage to Velorum


The Victorian Information Technology Teachers' Association is an independent, non-profit organisation whose members comprise both primary and secondary Information Technology teachers, tertiary educators, and any person with an interest in Information Technology education.
VITTA exists to:
• Provide leadership, support, services, programs and resources for all levels of Information Technology education.
• Represent the collective voice of all teachers of Information Technology in all matters relating to the teaching of Information Technology in Victoria.
• Provide curriculum services for those teaching Information Technology Courses within Education Institutions throughout Australia, but particularly those in Victoria
• Publish quality curriculum materials at reasonable cost to both students and teachers



Week 2 Planning Lessons CSF

Curriculum Reform Project

In response to the Minister for Education and Training's Blueprint for Government Schools, the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) is currently developing a new framework of essential learning for all Victorian schools in both government and non-government sectors.

Victorian Essential Learning Standards

The Victorian Essential Learning Standards describe what is essential for all students to achieve from Prep to Year 10 in Victorian schools. The Learning Standards provide a framework for schools to plan the whole school curriculum by setting out standards for students to achieve in core areas. In 2005, schools will use the Learning Standards to plan their teaching and learning programs, including assessment and reporting of student achievement and progress, for introduction in 2006 and beyond.

Introducing the Victorian Essential Learning Standards

PDF File


Knowledge Bank

The Knowledge Bank is a resource for education and training providers in Victoria. It supports the sharing of exemplary and promising practice across the education and training sector, and aims to improve understanding of what works, where and why it works. It also aims to facilitate the adoption of innovative approaches to learning, teaching and school organisation across Victoria.


Rubrics What is a rubric why & would I use one?

Task: Design a Rubric

Post a question to the listserver td700@fs2.ballarat.edu.au answer a question posted to the list


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How to plan lessons in a mind friendly way. (n.d.). Retrieved February 12, 2002
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